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Cocktails for Cold Weather

A few evenings ago, while getting some work done, I suddenly had a craving for a stiff drink.

Strangely enough, I was in the mood for a drink that I rarely drink: brandy.

Going with the flow and obeying my craving, I walked to the nearest alcohol vendor and purchased some.

My plan was to drink the brandy mixed with juice, but as I started to pour my drink, I felt like having something more suitable for the cold weather outside.

Off the top of my head, I couldn’t think of a warm cocktail whose ingredients I had in stock, so I ended up concocting a drink with brandy, warm milk, sugar, and cocoa powder—I guess one could call it a hot chocolate laced with brandy.

It was good, but still, I wondered what other warm cocktails I could have made.

I decided to do some research.

First, I was curious to find out if an actual cocktail existed that contained both brandy and milk.

I found one that did: a breakfast cocktail called a Brandy Milk Punch.

A Brandy Milk Punch contains milk, brandy, and nutmeg, but unlike my concoction from the previous night, is meant to be served cold and on ice. (Click here for the recipe.)

Brandy and milk cocktails: Brandy Milk Punch

I continued my internet search to find out more about warm cocktails.

My research led me to a website called DrinkOfTheWeek.Com, which had just the information I was looking for.

On DrinkOfTheWeek.com, I found recipes for 14 such cocktails.

I’ve reproduced a list of these cocktails here as well as provided a short description of the contents of each cocktail.

To see the actual recipe for any of the cocktails, just click on the drink’s name.

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14 Cocktails for Cold Weather

  1. Boston Tea Punch (Tea with rum, triple sec, and lemon)
  2. Calypso Coffee (Coffee with Tia Maria and whip cream)
  3. Chocolate Mint (Hot chocolate with mint liqueur)
  4. Egg Nog (A rum based cocktail with eggs)
  5. Connie’s Hot Buttered Rum (A rum based cocktail with ice cream as an ingredient)
  6. Hot Rumba (Hot chocolate with rum)
  7. Hot Toddy (Tea with brandy, honey, and lemon)
  8. Irish Coffee (Coffee with Irish whiskey)
  9. Italian Toddy (Based on an Italian liquor called Tuaca)
  10. Keoki Coffee (Coffee with tequila)
  11. Mexican Coffee (Coffee with rum and Kahlua)
  12. Mulled Cider – (Apple cider with rum, cloves, and cinnamon)
  13. Tom & Jerry – (rum, brandy, and eggs topped with water, milk, or coffee)
  14. Very Merry Cocoa – (Cocoa with a cocktail of liquors)

There you’ve got it: 14 decadent cocktails to warm up your cold nights.

The next time I am in the mood for something warm with a zing, I will know exactly where to begin.

Hopefully, so will you.

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Wishing you warmth during the rest of the cold season,

Photo Credits: intermixonline.com; sheknows.com

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