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MRP Clothing & Mr Price Home Kenya

I can still remember the day when I first became aware of the existence of Mr Price Kenya. The year was 2007. I was driving along Ngong Road in Nairobi near Prestige Plaza. I looked up to see a huge banner announcing the opening of a home furnishing store called Mr Price Home at the Westgate Centre in Westlands. The idea of a home furnishing store sounded interesting to me. I made a mental note to check out the store the next time I was in its vicinity. A Second Mr Price Experience the Same Day That same evening, I … Continue reading MRP Clothing & Mr Price Home Kenya

Nakumatt Prestige Sale 2019

Did you come here looking for information on the Nakumatt Prestige sale 2019? If so, check out some offers below. Nakumatt Prestige Sale 2019 Offer 1: Nakumatt Prestige Sale 2019 Offer 2: Here is a list of 24-hour Nakumatt supermarket stores across East Africa. (Nakumatt Prestige which was one of Nakumatt’s first 24-hour stores is no longer open around the clock. See Nakumatt Prestige’s new opening hours below.) READ ALSO: Community Shopping Guide: Menswear, Electronics, and More Nakumatt Supermarket 24-Hour Branches Kenya Nairobi Mega Ukay Moi Avenue Nakumatt Prestige used to open 24 hours a day but now opens 8:00 … Continue reading Nakumatt Prestige Sale 2019

Yaya Centre – Y go anywhere else?

Yaya CentreArgwings Kodhek Rd., KilimaniTel: +254 (20) 2713360/1Email: When I first saw Yaya Centre‘s new slogan a couple of years ago, I thought: How pompous! No, there really is reason to go elsewhere. That was back when the revamping of Yaya Centre had just begun, and Yaya’s greatest claim to fame, at the time, was that it had been one of Nairobi‘s first shopping malls. A couple of years later, I see where Yaya Centre was coming from with its slogan – Y go anywhere else?. I guess the management at Yaya Centre already knew what Yaya was about to become though it … Continue reading Yaya Centre – Y go anywhere else?