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Sauti Za Busara Festival

Every February, Zanzibar hosts Sauti za Busara, nicknamed the “The Friendliest Festival on Planet Earth”. I can understand how Sauti za Busara earned that name. Hanging out in Stone Town, Zanzibar on any random day would make you feel loose and irie, ready to open up to strangers, so how much more so then when the island’s everyday activities come to a grinding halt to host the biggest music festival in East Africa, featuring not only Swahili music but also music from the rest of Africa and beyond? I lived in Dar es Salaam for five years before I attended my … Continue reading Sauti Za Busara Festival

TEDxDar–Who Killed Zinjanthropus?

“Ideas Worth Spreading”: TEDxDar took place on November 26, 2011 at the National Museum auditorium in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  It occurred to me recently, during a phone conversation with my cousin Vive, that though I had talked a lot about TEDxDar on Facebook and Twitter before it happened, I never came back to you, my readers, to tell you how it went. Better late than never, here’s that story… Last week, Mark Zuckerberg made his first trip to Africa—to Nigeria and Kenya to be precise. Find out more about what he did while he was in Kenya in Facebook … Continue reading TEDxDar–Who Killed Zinjanthropus?

Contemporary Dance Festival: Visa 2 Dance

Update: The Visa 2 Dance Contemporary Dance Festival is now known as  Time 2 Dance. One of the events I’ve most enjoyed attending in Dar es Salaam is, without a doubt, the Visa 2 Dance Contemporary Dance Festival. If you live in Dar es Salaam and have never heard of Visa 2 Dance (like a friend recently told me despite his having lived in Dar es Salaam for the past thirteen years), then you are who I write this post for. I won’t be roundabout; I’ll get right to it. What Is the Visa 2 Dance Contemporary Dance Festival? Visa 2 … Continue reading Contemporary Dance Festival: Visa 2 Dance