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Breastfeeding: Give Breast Milk to Newborns in the First Hour of Life for Full Benefits of Breastfeeding

The first week of August, August 1-7, is World Breastfeeding Week. Although I’m not a mother, the negative attitudes towards breastfeeding that I see online, especially those that shame mothers who breastfeed in public, deeply disturb me. How else can a mother breastfeed an infant regularly without confining herself to her home during that period?! To mark this year’s World Breastfeeding Week, I’d like to write about something a little different. Today, I’d like to share with you some information that I came across recently that highlights not only the benefits of breastfeeding, but specifically stresses the importance of giving breast milk to … Continue reading Breastfeeding: Give Breast Milk to Newborns in the First Hour of Life for Full Benefits of Breastfeeding

Questions and Answers – Zain Tanzania

Update: Zain Tanzania has now become Airtel Tanzania. (Will you be visiting Zanzibar soon? Need tips on what to do and see while you there? I give you all my best ones in Zanzibar, Tanzania: My Best Tips for Stone Town & Elsewhere on the Island.) I am an unhappy Zain Tanzania customer. Why? Because, among other things, I rarely ever know how much I am paying for calls that I make or SMSes that I send through my Zain Tanzania mobile service. Getting someone from Zain Tanzania to answer my questions satisfactorily can also prove to be a huge problem even … Continue reading Questions and Answers – Zain Tanzania

Eat to Live Results

At the age of 24, I weighed a startling 100 kilograms (220 pounds) and had been clinically obese most of my life. I set out to lose 36 kilograms (79 pounds) so that for the first time (when not ill) I could be within the healthy weight range for my height. I achieved and surpassed my goal. None of that would have been possible without The Eat to Live Diet. Here is my story:  I had been clinically obese for the better part of my life. At the age of 24, I decided that lugging around so much weight no longer served … Continue reading Eat to Live Results

Soho’s, Nairobi

Nairobians, where do you go when you want to dance? And I mean when you really want to bust a move. For me, I go to one of two places—Dolce or Soho’s. Today, I’d like to tell you about one of the funnest things to do in Nairobi on a weekend night for me: partying at Soho’s. Where is Soho’s? Soho’s is located on Parklands Road not far from Sarit Centre in Westlands.

InterContinental Nairobi: Friday Night Salsa

Update (August 1, 2016): This salsa night at the InterContinental Nairobi hotel no longer exists. Thanks, Natt, for the update! 🙂 InterContinental Nairobi City Hall Way Nairobi Tel: +254-20-3200000 Intercontinental Nairobi Some things are so commonplace in my life that I forget how noteworthy they are. Today I am going to tell you about one such thing. For the last four years, the majority of my Friday nights have been spent at The Safari Bar, at the Nairobi Intercontinental Hotel, listening to the beat of salsa music, dancing ecstatically away. Every Friday, The Safari Bar hosts a live band that … Continue reading InterContinental Nairobi: Friday Night Salsa

Habesha, Nairobi (Downtown Branch)

I am not sure whether or not I said this in my last Habesha post:  I LOVE ETHIOPIAN FOOD! Until very recently, the three restaurants in Nairobi that I considered when looking to satisfy an Ethiopian food craving were Pink Lady at Metropolitan Court in Hurlingham, Red Sea on Lenana Road, and Habesha on Argwings Kodhek. Earlier this year, while talking to friends who share my passion for Ethiopian food, I discovered that there was yet another Ethiopian restaurant worth going to, located in the most convenient of places: downtown Nairobi! (I’ve also recently discovered another one in Westlands, but … Continue reading Habesha, Nairobi (Downtown Branch)

Panari: More than Just Close to Nairobi Airport

A few weekends ago found me at Club Liquid, a nightclub at the Panari Sky Center. A friend of mine was invited to an exclusive party there and invited some of her female friends to tag along. Since it was a club that none of us had been to but had heard great things about, we decided to make a girls’ night of it and go all out. We dressed the part, met up at said friend’s house, and headed out all together to have a great night of fun at Panari. Club Liquid @ Panari Club Liquid was not … Continue reading Panari: More than Just Close to Nairobi Airport