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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Visits Kenya

In case you haven’t yet heard, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Africa for the first time last week. On Tuesday, he made a surprise visit to Lagos, Nigeria and then arrived in Nairobi, Kenya on Thursday (only to return once more to Nigeria the following day). Want to know a bit about what he was up to while he was in Kenya? Here’s the scoop on that. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Kenya last week on his first trip to Africa. While in the country, he visited the iHub, a technology hub in Nairobi. There he met with developers and partners to explore how the country’s pioneering mobile … Continue reading Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Visits Kenya

Sun, Sea, Sand – East Africa’s Best Beaches

Think of a ‘paradise vacation’, and almost inevitably a blissful image of a sun-drenched beach will spring to mind. Few things could be better than wandering along a sandy shore fringed with gentle turquoise wavelets while the sun bathes you from a deep blue sky. Or gazing out over the might of the Ocean from the safety of the soft sands. Or even just lying back, closing your eyes, and letting the sun’s warmth and the sound of the waves wash over you. It’s even said by those in the know that visiting a beach can bring considerable health benefits with it. Visitors … Continue reading Sun, Sea, Sand – East Africa’s Best Beaches

Be My Guide to Your East African City #6: What’s the Best Local Place to Work Out?

Hi again! I hope your weekend is off to a good start. Ready to tell me one more thing about your East African city? Or are you getting a little tired of my questions? I promise I’ll give you a little break after this post and tell you about a cozy new cafe that I recently discovered in Masaki. For now though, one more question:

Karambezi Cafe: Offers One of Dar Es Salaam’s Best Views

Karambezi Cafe SeaCliff Hotel Toure Drive, Msasani Peninsula, Dar es Salaam Telephone: +255-22-2600380 ext. 6007 / +255-758-191104 / +255-752-201745 Email: karambezi@hotelseacliff.com Close your eyes. Envision yourself in Dar es Salaam seated on a restaurant terrace at the edge of a cliff. Far below, for as far as you can see, is water—the Indian Ocean—with a couple of ships sailing in the distance. A refreshing breeze blows gently around you. The day is warm and sunny. Have any idea where you might be? If I did a good job describing what I had in mind, then you’d correctly guess that you were at … Continue reading Karambezi Cafe: Offers One of Dar Es Salaam’s Best Views

Eat to Live Results

At the age of 24, I weighed a startling 100 kilograms (220 pounds) and had been clinically obese most of my life. I set out to lose 36 kilograms (79 pounds) so that for the first time (when not ill) I could be within the healthy weight range for my height. I achieved and surpassed my goal. None of that would have been possible without The Eat to Live Diet. Here is my story: 

Thorn Tree Cafe, Nairobi

The Thorn Tree Café  The Sarova Stanley Tel: +254-(20)-316377 Website: Sarova Hotels >>The Thorn Tree Café Sarova Hotels Renovates a Hotel with Lots of History Almost two decades ago, Sarova Hotels renovated The New Stanley in Nairobi and renamed it The Sarova Stanley. I don’t know that I really had an opinion of the hotel when it was The New Stanley, but I know that I like the hotel as it is now. I often enjoy sitting at the elegant first-floor Exchange Bar (the location of Nairobi’s first Stock Exchange), looking out onto the busy street or just enjoying the quiet, chic atmosphere while catching up … Continue reading Thorn Tree Cafe, Nairobi

Sunset Hotel, Kisumu

Sunset Hotel Kisumu, Kenya Tel: +254-(0)723-686483 / +254-(0)733-411001 Email: info@sunsethotel.co.ke After leaving Merica Hotel, we continued our journey to Kisumu (Kenya’s third largest city) over very bad road. Our accommodation for the night was going to be Sunset Hotel (Kisumu) based on an acquaintance’s recommendation. A Kisumu local, our acquaintance told us that Sunset Hotel was one of the two best hotels in Kisumu the other being Imperial Hotel. We were not sure what to expect, but decided to trust our informant. Arriving in Kisumu Sunset Hotel is located 2.5 km outside downtown Kisumu. The drive to Sunset Hotel takes you … Continue reading Sunset Hotel, Kisumu