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KWS Marine Park Tour Day 5: Back to Nairobi

It was the last day of the KWS marine park social media tour, and we were keenly aware of it. Instead of the gusto and excitement with which we’d woken up the past few days, on this last day, we were dragging our feet and barely talking to each other. We got up, had breakfast, and put our stuff together in preparation for the long journey ahead. The Itinerary Personally, I was a bit excited because I knew we were scheduled to drive through Tsavo East National Park on our way to Nairobi. Granted, we’d just be driving through, but I … Continue reading KWS Marine Park Tour Day 5: Back to Nairobi

Malindi Marine National Park: Why You Should Visit Africa’s Oldest Marine Park

I woke up in Malindi, after a few short hours of sleep, eager to see what goodies Malindi Marine Park held in store for me. As I wrote in my previous post, Malindi is my favorite town on the Kenyan coast, so I was eager not only to spend time at the beach but to also explore Malindi under water.

Mombasa Marine Park & Reserve: What You Can Expect to See There

We left the KWS Kisite Marine Park office, in Shimoni, full of excitement about what the day held in store for us. Our plan was to visit the Mombasa Marine Park and Reserve and then drive on to Malindi, where we would spend the night. Despite my excitement, the exhaustion from being on the road the last few days had me dozing off as soon as we left Shimoni. I had been napping for only a short time when I sensed the car come to a halt: we were at the KWS Shimba Hills National Reserve office.

KWS Marine Park Tour Day 2: Exploring Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park & Reserve

I woke up the next day, at the KWS Kisite/Mpunguti Marine Park Shimoni Bandas, sandwiched between Ivory Kathue and Njambie Mungai, the two other female bloggers on the trip. Not long afterwards, early-bird Mbugua Gitau was at our door waking us up and wanting to use our banda’s power sockets. Yes, we’d all gotten to know each other real quick!

KWS Marine Park Tour Day 1: Getting to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably already know that I spent the last week of November visiting Kenyan marine parks courtesy of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). KWS is a bona fide 21st century East African parastatal that fully embraces the power of social media. Apparently, KWS’s 4 marine parks—Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, Malindi Marine Park, Mombasa Marine Park, and  Watamu Marine Park—are among the least visited of KWS’s 35 national parks and reserves. So, KWS sought to resolve this by inviting bloggers to visit and experience these parks and spread the word about them through social media. … Continue reading KWS Marine Park Tour Day 1: Getting to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park