4 Sexy Viking Hair Men Styles for You to Try Out Today

Did you just Google ‘Viking hair men’ and want to know more about Viking hairstyles for men? If so, you are in the right place.

Let’s get right to it.

Vikings were known for their fierce warrior culture and seafaring ways, but one aspect of their appearance that often goes overlooked is their hair.

Viking men were known for their long, flowing locks, and the hairstyles they sported were as varied and unique as the men themselves.

Viking Hair Men Styles #1: “Ragnar” Look

One of the most iconic Viking hairstyles is the “Ragnar” look, named after the legendary Viking raider and king.

This hairstyle features a long mane of hair, often braided or twisted, with a thick beard to match.

The hair is usually worn loose, with the ends tucked behind the ears or tucked into a ponytail.

This look was designed to be both practical and intimidating, as the long hair would help protect the Viking’s head in battle, while the beard would make them look fierce and intimidating to their enemies.

Viking Hair Men Style #2: “Bjorn” Look

Another popular Viking hairstyle is the “Bjorn” look, named after Bjorn Ironside, one of the most famous Viking warriors.

This hairstyle is shorter than the Ragnar look and is often worn in a buzz cut or crew cut style.

The beard is also shorter and more closely trimmed, giving the wearer a more refined and polished appearance.

Viking hairstyles were not just about practicality and intimidation, however.

Many Vikings also incorporated symbols and designs into their hair to show their allegiance to a particular god or to display their status within their community.

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For example, some Vikings would braid symbols of Thor, the god of thunder, into their hair to show their devotion to him. Others would add beads or other decorations to their braids to indicate their wealth or status within their community.

Viking hairstyles were also a way for men to express their individuality and personal style.

Some Vikings would decorate their hair with intricate braids or knots, while others would use dye or bleach to add color to their hair.

Some would even shave designs into their hair or beard, such as a hawk or wolf head.

Overall, Viking hair for men was a way to express their identity and personality.

It was practical, intimidating, and artistic. The hairstyles of the Viking men were not only functional but also expressive, and it was an important aspect of their culture.

Today, some men may still choose to emulate this style as a way to pay homage to their heritage or to express their own personal style.

If you are considering growing your hair out and trying a Viking hairstyle, it is important to maintain healthy hair and keep it clean and well-groomed.

Viking Hair Men Style #3: A Hair Bun

The man bun is becoming increasingly popular with time.

Although, there aren’t any official records that show that the man bun was actually a Viking hairstyle for men, one can only imagine that if you have long hair and you need it out of your way, an easy way to do that is to just make a bun on top of your head to keep it all in place.

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Viking Hair Men Style #4: Half-Up Hairstyle

Viking hair men style: half-up hairstyle

Ok, suppose you don’t want to put up all your hair in a man bun but rather would like to show off some of your length.

One way to get your hair our of your face and still do this is to wear a half-up Viking hairstyle like in the picture above.

Photo Credits: Men Hairstylist, HairManz

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