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Part of the transition I mentioned in my last post included moving in with a friend who was studying at The United States International University Africa Campus in Kasarani, Nairobi. (You can see the USIU logo for the Africa campus above.)

That was both interesting and weird because campus life (anywhere) is a blast, and yet I hadn’t been anywhere near campus living in over 7 years.

Staying near USIU, the self-containedness of the life around there amazed me. I was also surprised by how much fun there was to be had on that side of town.

Here’s a little bit about my experience there.

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Social Life at USIU Nairobi (Find More Events & Activities on the USIU Portal –

Of course, there was the hanging. I first went to stay at my friend’s place during exam time. Still, the partying was going on to the extreme.

Students didn’t need much convincing to drop by Fifi’s or “Five-Five” at any time of the day. (It took me a long time to realize these were two different joints.)

For more structured outings, there were Thursday nights at Cat’s Club (C.C.) at Safari Park Hotel where the music was amazing and didn’t stop until the wee hours of the morning.

Then, too, there were the usual drink ups at people’s homes and parties to go to in the area.

When all else failed, there were the rare jaunts into town to go to all the regular places that the rest of us, non-students, usually hang out at.

Services and Utilities

Beyond having a complete social scene in and of itself, there were all kinds of services geared to catering to those at USIU.

There were hair salons and business offices. There were Internet cafes and kiosks that stocked all the essential home basics.

It was impressive!

Whenever I needed something a little out of the ordinary, there was always Nakumatt Thika Road to cater to my needs.

I was amazed to realize that I could spend the entire week at my friend’s place without ever coming into town because everything I needed was right there close to me.

Who would have known?

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The USIUPortal might be able to find you housing.

Why am I writing this post?

I am not sure.

Maybe it’s just to reminisce.

If you are a person who is contemplating studying at USIU and wondering what kind of life you’ll lead when you are so far away from Nairobi‘s city center, fear not!

You’ll have everything you need close to you. Life might even turn out to be quite fun.

That’s how I felt even though the majority of the people in the area were too young for me to interact with meaningfully.

If you are any younger, I think you’ll find it a blast!

Just thought I’d share.


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6 thoughts on “USIU Portal ( & More USIU-Related Info”

When going to college, students start a new life, mainly different from the one they used to live before. Most of them are leaving their houses and family for the first time. This can be a hard task for them and meeting new people and making friends is a key factor for them to not feel homesickness. Living on campus in the first year it is probably the best alternative for a student that is moving alone for the first time and want to meet new people.
Despite the fact that living on campus on the first year is the best alternative for the students, many of them are not able to do this move because of the high prices that are charged. College dorms are in average more expensive than a room of the same size off campus. Some other university policies make it even harder for students with a short budget to live on campus. To illustrate that, a good example is the policy at the University of South Florida, which obligates a first year student that wants to live on campus and buy a meal plan.
Universities should try to attract all students to live on campus at least for the first year of their college life. I had an experience leaving off campus last year but I really enjoy the atmosphere that I experience now that I live on campus. I think this opportunity is unique and everyone should be able to live it.

Lucas Jovita

Hi Lucas,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

Yep, I think living on campus is a great experience and yet is often the more expensive option. I lived on campus for the first year I was at University and lived off campus for the remaining time. The cost of accomodation and food was definitely more expensive when I was on campus than when I was off campus, which when I stop to compare the size of my accomodation in either case to be simply ridiculous.

I agree with you. Universities would do well to encourage students to live on campus, affordably, because among other things, it makes for better, more successful students. When you have to trek across town in the dead of winter to go to a morning lecture, the chances that you make it to class are way lower than when you actually live in a dorm, close to school, surrounded by fellow students who also have classes to go to.

Thanks for your input!


I am a USIU alumni who lived on campus, and I do concur it was one self contained place. and the level of partying was amazing.

Can someone please tell me if i can join usiu on january as a continuing student. Am doing bachelor of science international business in manage and i am in nazareen university i just joined this year may. I have a passion of joining usiu. Will i be allowed to continue there and be credited for the units i will have done at zareen university? Please let me know if you know the information?

Hi Linda,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown! Unfortunately, I have never been a student or staff of USIU so I can’t answer your question. Maybe someone else here can help Linda out?


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