The Bar at Cedars Lebanese Restaurant in Nairobi

Although most people think of Cedars as a restaurant, Cedars also has a bar that many people frequent in and of its own right.

The bar area at Cedars is classy, though small.

I hear they serve a mean cocktail, though I have never tried any myself.

The one thing that I keep hearing from people who frequent the bar is that the service there is amazing. And so it is!

The bartenders at Cedars take a keen interest in their customers.

After you’ve been there a couple of times, they make sure to note what you regularly drink and are sure to offer it to you the next time you drink at Cedars.

Nonetheless, because of its small size and expensive drinks (a Tusker malt costs Ksh. 200 at Cedars), the Cedars bar is hardly my place of choice for casual drinks.

Instead, I would rather recommend Cedars as a restaurant.

In this capacity, Cedars excels.

If you have never tasted Lebanese food, Cedars is a great place to taste a new cuisine.

If you are already familiar with Lebanese food, this is the place you should be eating it in Nairobi. (To be fair, I must say that I have never been to The Phoenician in Westlands, which is also a Lebanese restaurant.)

Whatever the case, I would like to know what you have to say about Cedars, either as a first timer, or as a frequent visitor.

Please drop me a comment to let me know.

Until the next time,

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