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Restaurants in Kilimani: Nyama Choma at the hood kilimani

This post was originally about The Hood restaurant in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Since many of you come to this post looking for more information about Kilimani restaurants in general, though, I’ve updated it to include more about that.

Cedars Restaurant in Kilimani & Other Good Places to Eat in Kilimani

If you are interested in restaurants in Kilimani, other than The Hood, here are a few that I can wholeheartedly recommend:

    1. Cedars Restaurant (Lebanese)
    2. Azalea
    3. Sierra Brasserie (at Yaya Centre)
    4. Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant
    5. Osteria del Chianti (Italian)
    6. Moonflower Restaurant, Palacina Residential Hotel
    7. China Plate, The Chancery, Valley Road
    8. Mukutan Garden Cafe, Mayfair Hotel
    9. Café Maghreb, Nairobi Serena Hotel

If you know of other good Kilimani restaurants, please share them in a comment below. I look forward to reading your recommendations!

Restaurants Kilimani: The Hood

The Hood Kilimani
Kasuku Lane
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-720-794824

Nairobians, where do you go to eat nyama choma? Do you go out for nyama choma at all? When in Rome, I suggest you do like the Romans: when in Kenya, you must enjoy the local delicacies!

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I don’t eat nyama choma very often but, sometimes, when it’s nice outside, I like to sit out in the sun and enjoy my favorite kind of nyama choma—“Beef Marinade”—at The Hood, a joint not far from Yaya.

Have you ever heard of “Beef Marinade”?  If you haven’t, then you are missing out!

The Hood Kilimani

First, let me start by telling you about The Hood.

The Hood is an establishment located in Kilimani, on Kasuku Road (not far from Chaka Road).

Judging from the number of cars parked in front of it (despite its very large parking lot) I think it’s safe to say that The Hood is a very popular establishment.

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I first heard of The Hood through my mother and aunt who were meeting someone there for drinks and invited me to tag along.

We were all smitten by the “Chicken Fry”, chicken cooked with potatoes in a tomato gravy.

Anyone who has tasted this before will surely understand why we were smitten.

Since that first night, The Hood has become a regular hangout for me.

Kilimani restaurants: nyama choma wrapped in foil

Kilimani Restaurants: Nyama Choma Near Me at The Hood

Why would I recommend that you go to The Hood? First and foremost, because it has great food.

As I mentioned already, the Chicken Fry, the Beef Marinade (grilled beef which is later wrapped in foil with onions and then charcoal-grilled some more), the Roast Chicken, and the Mutura (a kind of African sausage) are all amazing!

Furthermore, these goodies as well as the beverages are sold at great (understand: extremely low) prices!

The Hood has all this plus a great outdoor environment, where you can comfortably soak in as much sun as you wish and catch up with friends for hours on end.

I don’t know if I can truly adequately put The Hood experience into words.

You really won’t be able to get it until you’ve been there yourself.

What I can tell you is that there hasn’t been a person yet who I have taken to The Hood who did not enjoy the experience.

I have friends who come in from out of town and request it by name!

Location of The Hood
Location of The Hood

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Well, now you know.

If you would like to try The Hood (Kilimani) for yourself, here are directions to get there: On Argwings Kodhek, coming from Yaya (in the direction of Hurlingham), turn left onto Chaka Road. Turn right immediately after Chaka Place, and then turn on your first left. Look out for a signboard for The Hood on your right. If you get to CVS plaza, then you’ve gone too far.

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Restaurants in Kilimani Area Nairobi: Some Tips for The Hood Restaurant

As much as I love The Hood, allow me to give you a word of advice about the amount of time it takes to get your food served.

Like most nyama choma joints in Nairobi, the meat takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get to you.

When you are hungry, that’s just too long to wait, in my opinion.

To avoid this, I recommend that you call in advance and place an order beforehand. You can do this by calling +254-20-2731410 or +254-720-794824.

The Hood takes its phone orders seriously and has the food ready in the time they specify. (When I used to work a regular 9-to-5 with a set lunch break, I would often go to The Hood for nyama choma at lunch—having ordered before, of course—and still be able to make it back to the office on time.)

nyama choma mutura

If you’ve never been to The Hood before and are looking for a great place to have nyama choma any day of the week at practically any time (The Hood will serve nyama choma well until midnight on most days), I recommend it highly.

When you get there, I recommend you order the Beef Marinade or the Kuku Fry. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say when you try it out.

Bars in Kilimani

Kilimani is an area full of nice bars. To begin with, many of the restaurants in this area also have noteworthy bar sections (think: Cedars Restaurant on Lenana Road or Sierra Brasserie at Yaya Center).

See also  Mint Shack Hurlingham

Other good bars in this area include: 

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Nyama Choma Kilimani

If you are looking, specifically, for other places to have nyama choma in the greater Kilimani area, try…

    • Buffet Park (off Argwings Kodhek Road in Hurlingham), or
    • Sagret Hotel Equatorial (on Milimani Road) 


Hoods in Kenya

If you are looking to buy hoods in Kenya, check out this Facebook page for more info.

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  1. Nyambura – I am glad to know that I did The Hood justice. I absolutely love hanging out there!

    Kafai – Please do check it out. Sorry, I interrupted the flow of your work. But a girl’s gotta eat, doesn’t she? 😉 By the way, I checked out your blog and really liked your writing! Keep it coming!


  2. Biche aren’t you forgetting the most important part. The Hood is the only establishment in Nairobi that I know of which is open 24hrs.

    Thank you The Hood and looking forward to visiting tomorrow.

    From a fellow neighbor on Kasuku Road.

  3. Hi Pseudo Intellectual,

    Is this so? Is the Hood truly 24 hrs? I went there once around 3am on a weekend (don’t ask) and found it closed, so thought they closed around 1 am. Can anyone else corroborate this info?


  4. Biche you’ll have to ask the guard to open the gate. Both the bartenders did tell me and I had breakfast there on a Monday morning around 5:30am little while ago. They may have changed, ask next time you’re there.


  5. Wow!

    Ok, so that’s the trick. I just saw the closed gate and turned around. Thanks for letting me know.

    Breakfast at the Hood?! What do they serve for breakfast?


  6. A simple tomato cheese omelette with chapatis. I was too intoxicated to be a choosy and bother with anything else.

  7. Thanks for this.I just called the nos you listed,they work and have now scheduled an old gals (alumni)get-together at the Hood.I have been there before and though I don’t do chicken,their nyam chom is great.Looking forward to going back and will certainly post the feedback.

    1. Hi Naiganda,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

      I am glad you found the numbers I posted useful. How was you girl hang? You promised to post feedback.

      Tell all, tell all (or at least tell about the part that has to do with The Hood and what it has to offer ;-))!


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