Things to Do in Gaborone, The Prequel

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Botswana for the first time. I didn’t visit the Okavango Delta or Chobe National Park (the big safari destinations in Botswana). Rather, my trip took me to the capital of Botswana: Gaborone. I was very busy right before the trip; I therefore wasn’t able to do much more than a perfunctory online search of what there was to do in Gaborone. The search didn’t yield much. I tried not to worry about it, sure that I’d figure it out once my trip began. On the appointed day, I hopped onto … Continue reading

Uber in Johannesburg (JHB) & Pretoria

If you are wondering what number to call for Uber support in Johannesburg or Pretoria, the number is 0800172957 for drivers and 0800172956 for riders. Uber is available in JHB and Pretoria. Here are the Uber services that serve those cities: Types of Uber Services Available in JHB & Pretoria UberX – affordable everyday rides (max: 4 people) Uber Black – premium rides in luxury cars (max: 4 people) Van – rides for groups up to 7 people Assist – Special assistance from certified drivers (max: 4 people) UberX VIP – affordable rides with top-rated drivers (max: 4 people) Uber … Continue reading

Are Your Skills up to Date for the Future of Work?

The workforce is set to go through a period of mass disruption in the coming few years. COVID-19 and remote work have been accelerating changes advancing technology has slowly been causing in the past. As the workforce grows and changes, the employees of various industries will need to adapt their skills in order to stay relevant. Most of the skills that will be required in the future of work are going to be tech-based. Automation from technology is going to displace a large number of traditional human jobs, but a number of skilled workers will be needed to program computers … Continue reading

20 Great Places to Stay in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Booking.com Did you come to this post looking for a good hotel in Dar es Salaam? If so, you are in the right place! As a long-time Dar es Salaam resident, I can tell you lots about hotels in Dar es Salaam. I won’t keep you waiting. Let’s get right to it! Dar es Salaam Hotel #1: Sea Cliff Hotel My absolute favorite place in the whole of Dar es Salaam is the upper outdoor deck at the Karambezi Café located at the Sea Cliff Hotel. Why? Because of the UNBEATABLE ocean views. This is a place I often take … Continue reading

Hotel Recommendations for Mombasa & Bagamoyo

Booking.com Mombasa and Bagamoyo are two cities/towns on the Swahili coast. Bagamoyo is in Tanzania, not far from Dar es Salaam, while Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city. If you are interested in visiting either of these two places, you’ll definitely need a place to stay. In this post, you will find recommendations both for hotels in Mombasa and some of the best hotels in Bagamoyo. I hope you find them useful! Hotels in Mombasa Hotels in Mombasa Recommendation: Serena Beach Resort & Spa The Serena Beach Resort & Spa is my favorite hotel in Mombasa. Why? To begin with, … Continue reading