The Outback

A while back, I woke up to find a piece of paper under my front door. At first, I thought it was my electricity bill, but then quickly realized that it was a flyer from a snack bar called The Outback. On first impression (understand: from reading its name), I thought The Outback was some… Continue reading The Outback

Bacardi Black vs Gold & More on Rum

READ ALSO: How to Get Scene Hair Without Cutting It 2023 – The Secret Bacardi Black vs Gold/Difference Between Bacardi Gold and Black Bacardi Black and Bacardi Gold are two popular variations of rum produced by Bacardi Limited, a renowned spirits company. While both rums are part of the Bacardi lineup, they have distinct characteristics… Continue reading Bacardi Black vs Gold & More on Rum

The Cellar Restaurant

Last night found me at one of my old hangout spots: The Cellar restaurant. I hadn’t been for a while but being back reminded me of why it was a place that was well worth going to. The Cellar restaurant, located diagonally opposite from The Methodist Guest House in Kileleshwa, is a quiet, classy bar and… Continue reading The Cellar Restaurant

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