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Nails: Are All Pedicures Equal?

Sorry gents, this one might be of interest only to the ladies (though I am aware that nowadays some men also take good care of their feet and nails with pedicures and the like)!

Yesterday, I went for a pedicure at my regular ‘local’ beauty salon and truth be told, I left less than pleased despite my nails having been saved from the raggedy state they’d been in.

This brought to mind a pedicure that I had had a little while ago that had me thinking: are all pedicures equal?

The pedicure in question—the good one—happened at L’Africaine Hair Designs in Hurlingham.

Before I tell you about the pedicure, though, let me tell you a little bit about my history with L’Africaine.

L’Africaine Hair Salon, Nairobi

I used to go to L’Africaine a lot when I first moved to Nairobi because it was the first good beauty salon that I visited (the best haircut and the best fake nails I’ve ever had in my life were both done at L’Africaine!).

After getting to know Nairobi better though, I started going to other beauty salons because I felt L’Africaine was unnecessarily pricey.

In an effort to get regular beauty treatments that didn’t break the bank, I began to frequent beauty salons that offered maximum convenience in terms of location as well as services at extremely low prices.

As habit took over, I began to imagine that I was getting as good beauty treatments as I would anywhere else.

After all, aren’t all manicures and pedicures equal?

Then, I happened to one day go back to L’Africaine.

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I went back to L’Africaine because my mother was visiting and wanted to get her nails done.

Since this was her salon of choice when she lived in Nairobi, I decided to indulge her and have us both get our nails done there.

So many things about my pedicure experience at L’Africaine made me stop and wonder about how much less I was getting at my regular salons.

nails on hands and feet

Getting my Nails Done

First, let’s start with the extraneous things.

After I sat to get my nails done, I was offered a beverage of my choice that included the possibility of a glass of wine.

As it was early evening, I decided to have a glass of white wine.

Admit it ladies, part of why we go for beauty treatments is to be pampered.

After all, most of us have enough beauty knowledge to do our own nails.

Looking at it from that perspective, the wine went a long way to mellowing me out and enhancing my pampering experience.

More substantially, I was impressed with the caliber and wide range of tools that were used during my pedicure.

Everything down to the kind of nail polish used, OPI, contributed to the result of smooth, well-cared-for feet, with impeccable, super-glossy nails that looked almost delectable!

It’s been a little while since that pedicure so I will not go into further detail, but upon coming out of L’Africaine, I told my mother that I finally realized why the ‘same’ service costs different in different places—because they are not the same at all, except in the most basic of ways.

Ladies (and you gents who know what I am talking about), do you feel a pedicure is just a pedicure?

What has your experience been?

If you don’t have enough experience to make a comparison, why not try out a pedicure at a different salon and tell me what you think?

If you are not sure which salon to try, how about trying out the same one I did?

L’Africaine Hair Designs is located in Hurlingham, in the building adjacent to the one that houses IQRA driving school.

When coming from Yaya, L’Africaine is before IQRA.

If you pay close attention, you will notice a board marking its location.

If these directions mean nothing to you, you can call L’Africaine directly and ask for directions.

Their telephone numbers are (020)-2710660 and 0721-232319.

I wish you happy pampering and would love to hear what you have to say on this subject.

Until the next time,

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