Mixed Colour Braids for Dark Skin & Other Awesome Braids with Color

A pretty woman with maroon braids

Are you interested in getting colored braids in your hair but aren’t sure what color to go with? If so, you are in the right place. Let’s start with mixed colour braids for dark skin.

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Mixed Braids Colours for Dark Skin

You can wear colored braids even if you have dark skin and not look out there.

One way to do this, if you are in love with a braid color that you think will contrast too much with your dark skin, is to mix colors so that the contrast is not too stark.

Here are some interesting ways to wear mixed colour braids for dark skin.

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mixed colour braids for dark skin: Pink, Purple, and black braids
Mixed colour braids for dark skin: pink, purple, and black braids on dark skin
mixed colour braids for dark skin: Pink and blonde box braids
Pink and blonde box braids

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mixed colour braids for dark skin: Burgundy and Copper Lemonade braids
Burgundy and copper Lemonade braids

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Blue and turquoise fulani braids
Blue and turquoise fulani braids

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Mixed Colour Braids for Light Skin

Mixed Colour Braids for Light Skin - dark and blonde box braids
Mixed colour braids on light skin - blonde and copper

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Colour 30 Braids on Dark Skin

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Color 30 Braids on Dark Skin

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Maroon Cornrows

Maroon CornRows

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Braid Colours for Dark Skin: Colour 33 Braids on Dark Skin

Colour 33 box braids

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Braid Colours: Green Braids on Dark Skin

Laughing Girl with Green Braids on Dark Skin

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Chunky green twisted braids on dark skin

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Braids with Color: Ombre Braids on Dark Skin

Green Ombre Braids
Gray Ombre Braids

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Meroon Braids on Dark Skin

Long fishtail maroon braids on dark skin

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Braids Colours: Pink

Pink Lemonade Braids on Dark Skin

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Blue Color Braids on Dark Skin

Blue and Black Faux Hawk

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Blue and Black Box braids
Mixed color blue braids

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Braid Colors: Burgundy Braids on Dark skin

Maroon Braids on Dark Hair

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The 21st century has come with lots of hairstyles and trends, with colored hair being one of the most popular.

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As you go past many beautiful women in the city, at work and especially at universities, you can’t help but notice that they sport two or more colors in their hair.

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The color that seems to be most sought after is maroon.

This is a color that will leave you amazed by its beauty when blended or on its own.

Women irrespective of skin color, face shape, and age rock maroon hair in various forms.

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This is because maroon suits everyone and it will give you the perfect look.

There is a maroon hairstyle suitable for every occasion.

You can rock maroon hair in many ways depending on what look you want to achieve.

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On top of maroon braids and maroon corn rows, other ways you can rock maroon hair include:

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1. Maroon Hairpieces

Maroon Hairpiece

Another interesting and beautiful way to rock maroon hair is with a hairpiece, which can be either short or long.

These hairpieces can also be 100% human hair, which gives you the same manageability and flexibility as real hair.

A maroon hairpiece, is a safe way to rock maroon hair because it’s easily removable and you already know what the end result will look like.

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If you are a professional woman, you can choose a maroon hairpiece that will remain neat and professional-looking.

If you want to tone down the color, you can mix maroon with black.

You don’t even have to buy separate hairpieces to do this: you can opt  for a hairpiece that already has both colors, for instance a black hairpiece with maroon ends.

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Maroon hairpieces can be bought from beauty salons, purchased online, or from agents who deal specifically in hairpieces.

This is a guest contribution from Kansh Jill.

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