Beautiful Lines Hairstyles in Nairobi 2024

Ghanaian lines in Nairobi / latest hairstyles in Nairobi / latest hairstyles in Kenya and trending hairstyle in Kenya 2017 / kenyan hair styles & braids by eva nairobi

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Hair Lines Styles: Abuja Lines Latest Styles/Beautiful Lines Braids/Braids Lines Hairstyles 2024

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Abuja extensions are a type of hair extension produced by the popular hair extension brand Darling.

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These extensions are popular for their unusually soft texture and long length. Abuja lines are cornrows using Abuja hair extensions.

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Here is a video from Darling about Abuja hair extensions, after which you will find pictures of Abuja lines styles in Kenya which are well suited for this type of hair extension.

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Ghanian Lines Styles in Kenya

If you are more interested in Ghanian lines insted of Abuja lines, you can find out more about those here.

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Darling Long Abuja Picture off Jumia

Darling Long Abuja Color 2

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Hairstyles You Can Make With Abuja Hair Extensions in Nairobi

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Abuja hairstyles in Nairobi/latest Ghanian lines 2020: Plaited Updo with Tendril Braids
Plaited updo with braided side tendrils (Abuja braids  styles/Abuja lines styles in  Kenya)

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Abuja hairstyles in Nairobi/latest Ghanian lines 2020: Plaited updo with multithickness feeder lines
Abuja hairstyles in Nairobi: plaited updo with multi-thickness feeder lines

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Abuja Hairstyles in Nairobi / abuja lines styles 2020
Abuja hairstyles in Nairobi: feeder plaits into long braids

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Abuja lines styles in Kenya 2020
Jumbo box braids (Abuja hairstyles in Nairobi)

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Big Cornrows all going back

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Abuja hairstyles in Nairobi - beautiful lines braids

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Lines Hairstyles: Best Hair Styles for Ladies in Kenya

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Check out 8 trending hairstyles in Kenya found around the web. Some of these might be Kenyan hair styles & braids by Eva Nairobi.

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best hair styles for ladies in Kenya: Wavy Braid Lines Style

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Latest Ghanian lines 2020: (Can Be Done at Kenyan Hair Styles & Braids by Eva Nairobi)

Tiger claw plaits originating from different center points

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latest hairstyles for ladies in Kenya (Can Be Done at Kenyan Hair Styles & Braids by Eva Nairobi)

Leaf-print plaits with long back braids

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(Can Be Done at Kenyan Hair Styles & Braids by Eva Nairobi)

Braided faux hawk

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(Can Be Done at Kenyan Hair Styles & Braids by Eva Nairobi)

Plaited faux side-shave with curly tips

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Latest hairstyles in kenya 2018: Bob braids with lines on the side (Can Be Done at Kenyan Hair Styles & Braids by Eva Nairobi)

Braided bob with side part

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Short maroon box braids

mwongezo styles in Kenya: mixed-size braids in a high bun
Multi-sized braided updo

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Lines Hairstyle for Ladies: Mwongezo Styles in Kenya 2023

The word kuongeza means ‘to add’ in Swahili.

Mwongezo lines are, therefore, simply a Swahili-influenced term for pencil braids, i.e., braids that start small and get progressively thicker by adding more hair extensions to the plait.

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Here are pictures of some mwongezo styles that can be done in Kenya.

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mwongezo styles in kenya/latest Ghanian lines 2020: Mwongezo Lines in a high ponytail

Abuja hairstyles in Nairobi/Mwongezo Styles in Kenya - a braided bang

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latest hairstyles in Kenya 2020/Mwongezo Styles in Kenya - 2 high buns

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Child with Braids in a bun

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Natural Lines Hairstyles

latest hairstyles for ladies in Kenya 2021: Side swept cornrows with forward flat twists

latest hairstyles for ladies in Kenya 2021: Mixed size cornrows with finger coil front

latest hairstyles for ladies in Kenya 2021: Back rolled up flat twists with fringe

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latest hairstyles for ladies in Kenya 2021: All back stitch braids
Stitch braids

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Photo Credits:  HerInterest, Braids Hairstyles for Black Kids, Pinterest, YouthVillage, Pinterest, StevenDepolo, Soko Huru,,,,, SystemRequirementsWeb, Zumi, StylesWardrobe, Pinterest, Pinterest, Style Rave,, Pinterest, Unruly

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