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A cofee cup in a coffee machine at java junction mall

Did you come to this post looking for the Java menu? If so, here it is.

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Java Menu 2022/Java House Menu Nairobi

Java Menu Kenya-1

Java Menu Price & Offerings: Java Coffee Menu

Java Breakfast Menu

Java Menu Download/Java House Menu pdf

If you would like to download the Java menu in PDF format, click here.

Artcaffe Menu PDF

If you would like to see the Artcaffe menu in PDF format, you can find it here.

B B House of Java

A woman drinking wine in the hot tub of B & B House of Java in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
B&B House of Java is a bed and breakfast located in Bolderberg, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.

The bed & breakfast has only two rooms and features on-site spa services including a hot tub and sauna.

Java Around Me: Java in Town

Java House has 7 branches in downtown Nairobi,

  1. Java House Monrovia Street
  2. Java House Uniafric
  3. Java House Kimathi
  4. Java House Kenya Re
  5. Java House Phoenix
  6. Java House Downtown (on Mama Ngina Street), and
  7. Java House Embassy House.

The rest of this post is about both Java Junction Mall and Java Highway Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Java Junction Mall

I love the Nairobi Java House at The Junction.

I go there often to eat, meet friends over coffee, and surf.

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The decor is amazing: high ceilings, bright lights, and brightly colored artwork.

When I go there to surf, I usually do so in the evening when the crowds have died down a bit and all the pretty lights are on.

I usually sit at one of the indoor booths because they are more comfortable and have power outlets.

I order a hot Mocha (for my sweet tooth) from the Java menu, curl my feet under me, and surf away on my laptop.

Connecting to the hotspot at Java Junction Mall is extremely simple.

All you need is a laptop with a wireless adapter—standard fare for most laptops today—which will automatically detect the hotspot (sometimes you might have to select the network manually).

Once you connect to the hotspot (no passwords needed), that’s it—you can surf the net, free of charge. (If you experience any trouble getting started, I am sure one of the ever-helpful members of staff at Nairobi Java House would be pleased to help you out.)

The Internet speed is not extremely fast. With a good laptop and a multi-tab browser, though, you never have to wait for pages to load.

java house junction

I did say free of charge, didn’t I? Well, I don’t think that is a completely accurate statement.

Although Nairobi Java House does not charge its customers anything extra to connect to the net,  I still find it awkward to surf there without at least consuming a beverage.

Allow me to correct myself and say then that the cost of surfing at Java is at least the cost of a beverage or a small snack from the Java menu.

Hotspot Hours of Operation

Although Nairobi Java House (Junction) is open for most of the day, starting early in the day until very late at night,  the Internet hotspot is not continuously available during the day.

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At lunchtime (12 p.m.–3 p.m. on weekdays) and on the weekends, when Java is packed to capacity, the Internet hotspot is switched off.

That’s perfectly understandable to me, though, because Nairobi Java House is primarily a restaurant/coffee house not an Internet cafe.

I am not sure how many people know about Wi-Fi being available at Nairobi Java House (Junction) (apparently it is also available at the one in Upper Hill)—I came across the information purely by accident (albeit quite a while ago).

Java House Upper Hill
Java House Upper Hill

I thought I’d share this information with you, in case you might be interested but hadn’t come across it yet.

If this information comes in handy, well and good; if on the other hand, I am reiterating old information, please excuse me for that.

I wish you happy surfing wherever you choose to do it.


Java Highway Mall

Java Highway Mall is a relatively new Java House branch in Nairobi which opened in early 2020.

The branch is located in Highway Mall, opposite Nyayo Stadium.

Java Highway Mall was Java’s 70th branch to open. (Well done, Java House!)

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Photo Credit: Java House Facebook page,, The Junction,


  1. Biche, I have also noticed Wi-Fi available at Java Mama Ngina, Java Upper Hill and Java Gigiri. Maybe all Nairobi Java Houses have it?
    Also, Artcaffe Westgate has Wi-Fi. Maybe we should do an inventory of free Wi-Fi locations in Nairobi?
    Do you also charge your laptop battery while at Java Junction? If yes, you are following one of my electricity bill cutting tips which I just published on my blog.

  2. I have used the Java Junction for browsing only thing is that they don’t provide power points for charging the laptop but as you said their core business is food. There is also a Hotspot at the Prestige Plaza foodcourt and it is empty most of the day so you can browse for longer without inconveniencing dinners

  3. Hi Rafiki and Kirima,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Rafiki – I wonder if all Java’s have hotspots? That’s what I assumed until I went to Java Uniafric with my laptop and couldn’t get a signal. Are you sure that Java Downtown and Java Gigiri are indeed hotspots, or did you conclude this from seeing people working there on their laptops? The Java website only mentions Java Adams, Java Junction, and Java Upper Hill as having internet access. (Thanks for pointing me to your post on saving electricity. I read it and really enjoyed it. Cold Showers??!!!! :-))

    Kirima – That’s great news about the Prestige Plaza Food Court! It actually is empty often in the day, so that would be a great place to surf for free for long hours. I’ll definitely have to try that out some time. (Rafiki, thanks for sharing about ArtCaffe Westgate too.) Kirima, there are power points at Java Junction; you just have to look for them. I always use the ones in the booths that have two benches facing each other (the power outlet is against the wall, under the table), but you can also find some near the circular seating outside. Do you understand the one I mean?


  4. FYI – there is also a free hotspot at sippers in hurlingham. nice outdoor patio, jamaican jerk chicken, and good west african music!

  5. Hi BB!

    Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

    Thanks so much for sharing this piece of information. I have been to Sippers a couple of times in the evening, but have never eaten there and definitely didn’t know about the free hotspost.

    I will check it out some time soon!


  6. Biche: Yes, I am sure about the Java Gigiri hotspot, I tried it out myself. At Java Downtown I also used to get access, although it could be through another link rather than the Java one.

  7. Hi Rafiki,

    Thanks for the feedback. Ok, then we will take your word for it: Java Gigiri and Downtown have free hotspots though the one at Downtown may or may not be offered by Java itself (given it’s location in the CBD, I see how that could happen).

    Thanks for sharing.


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