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Film scanner and film lab software open on a monitor

Film Lab Software/Filmlab Software

FilmLab is software that converts digital captures of film negatives into color or black-and-white images.

FilmLab uses a custom processing engine designed to give photographs authentic color and tones, just like you’d get in the darkroom.

Filmlab Android

It is free for iOS and Android, i.e., for use on your mobile phone.

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Maisha Labs & Maisha Health Systems

Maisha Labs is is software development company whose goal is to transform healthcare delivery with artificial intelligence and global expertise.

Maisha Labs is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and Montreal, Canada.

The healthcare sector is in the midst of a historical transformation as emerging technologies focus on areas of Big-Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Devices and Security in Healthcare (also known as bDASH).

As transformation evolves, it raises new security challenges in the cyber and critical healthcare systems.

On a brighter side, this transformation evokes extensive opportunities notably in the fields of big-data analytics and business intelligence both of which can potentially and radically affect organizational performance and hospital’s throughput.

Maisha Labs was established to handle this challenges.

It is a tech-savvy consultancy firm which offers holistic cybersecurity services as well as predictive analytics software solutions for healthcare providers.

Interesting Film Topics

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Film Developing Wilmington NC: East Coast Film Lab

East Coast Film Lab is the only professional film processing lab in Wilmington, North Carolina. It provides expert, precision processing services for nearly any type and size of film available or expired, and can provide custom developing services for obscure or vintage emulsions.

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East Coast Film Lab is located at 1051 S. Kerr Ave, at the corner of South Kerr and Maple Avenues. Their telephone number is +1-(910)-386-9974.

East Coast Film Lab opens on weekdays from 10:00 am to 4:00pm, on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, and sometimes on Sunday.

Maisha Film Lab

ZUKU is once again proud to welcome Maisha Film Lab to Zanzibar for a screenwriting lab to be held at the Zanzibar International Film Festival.

Applications for this competitive screenwriting lab are now open, with the deadline being June 13.

Maisha Film Lab & The Zanzibar Film Festival

This edition of the Maisha Film Lab is the seventh lab to be held in collaboration with ZIFF.

The screenwriting lab has been one of the most influential film training grounds in East Africa, inspiring regional filmmakers, with over 1,000 participants already having taken part in the training.

The program director of the Kampala-based Maisha Film Lab, Fibby Kioria, explains that the Maisha Foundation expects to grant 60 scholarships a year, for the next three years, to participants from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya. These scholarships are made possible with funding from Stichting Doen.

Ms. Kioria goes on to explain, “In the 8 day workshop, the 60 selected participants (15 from each country) will work with internationally renowned mentors to refine their work and broaden their horizons in the film business and the art of filmmaking.

The winning script writer will receive an award of $5,000 to produce their short film”.

Zuku Promotes Screenwriting in East Africa

The official sponsors of ZIFF are also behind this initiative to develop skills among East African filmmakers.

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Mandy Roger, TV director at Zuku explains, “As a pay TV platform that promotes the art of filmmaking, Zuku is proud to be part of this initiative and [to promote] high caliber talent on our platform. Maisha Film Lab [seeks to] identify, nurture and promote creative talent among children and youth through hands-on skills in development programs such as filmmaking, arts appreciation, organization and presentation of cultural and creative events.”

ZIFF is committed to supporting Zanzibari filmmakers who wish to apply for the screenwriting lab and can offer help in ensuring that scripts are properly presented thereby improving chances of being selected.

ZIFF can offer this assistance in English or Swahili. Interested Zanzibari applicants are asked to contact ZIFF by emailing [email protected] or to contact Maisha Film Lab.

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Fully completed applications are to be emailed to: [email protected].

For more information on the Maisha Foundation or the screenwriting lab that will take place at the Zanzibar International Film Festival this July, please visit the Maisha Film Lab website.

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