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Century Cinemax Cinemas: Mlimani City Mall, Acacia, Metroplex & More

This post is about Century Cinemax cinemas in East Africa.

In it, you will find the current schedules for three Century Cinemax cinemas in the region, i.e., Century Cinemax Mlimani City Mall in Dar es Salaam, as well as Century Cinemax Acacia and Century Cinema Metroplex in Kampala..

At the very end of this post, you’ll find information about Century Cinemax cinemas in Kenya too.

Century Cinemax Mlimani City

Tel: 0746-898002/0746-898003
Address: Mlimani City, Sam Nujoma Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Mlimani City Cinema Movie Schedule Today

Mlimani City Cinema June 20

Movie Trailers

Here are the trailers for the movies showing right now at Mlimani City:

Basic Info (Century Cinemax Mlimani City Ticket Prices Follow Next)

  • The ticketing office opens at 11 a.m every day.
  • Hotline numbers (through which you can book tickets): 0746-898002/0746-898003. Hours of operation: 12:30–9 p.m. on weekdays & 12:00–9 p.m on weekends and holidays.
  • Booked tickets should be collected at least half an hour before movie begins to avoid cancellations.
  • Lunch time movies (12 p.m/12:30 p.m) are only shown on weekends and public holidays.
  • The Mlimani City cinema has 3 screens (including East Africa’s largest), all with Dolby Digital surround sound.
  • There are new movies weekly.
  • Mlimani City cinema on social media:
    • Facebook: Century Cinemax Tanzania
    • Twitter: @CenturyCinemax1
    • Instagram: @CenturyCinemaxTz
    • Whatsapp: +255-687-555-888
    • Customer Care Email: [email protected]

Century Cinemax Mlimani City Ticket Prices vary by day
The entrance to the Century Cinemax at Mlimani City mall

Ticket Prices

Monday: Tsh. 6,000
Tuesday: Tsh. 8,000
Wednesday: Tsh. 8,000
Thursday: Tsh. 5,000
Friday-Sunday & public holidays: Tsh. 10,000
3D Glasses (reusable): Tsh. 5,000

Note: Mlimani City cinema prices are fixed for public holidays regardless of what day of the week that holiday falls on. The ticket price on public holidays is Tsh. 10,000.

Specials on Century Cinemax Mlimani City Ticket Prices

  • Wacky Wednesday: 1 free Pepsi per ticket
  • Various food combos (ask about those at the box office)
  • You can buy 3D glasses for 3D movies at the box office for Tsh. 5,000. These are reusable. You can also bring your own.

Other Century Cinemax Cinemas in Tanzania

Century Cinemax has two other branches in Tanzania, both in Dar es Salaam: Century Cinemax DFM Mall at Dar Free Market in Oysterbay and Century Cinemax Aura Mall in downtown Dar es Salaam.

Century Cinemax Acacia

Due to new COVID-19 restrictions, all cinemas in Uganda including Century Cinemax Acacia will be closed for 42 days starting on June 7, 2021.

Cenutry Cinemax Acacia Mall Closed

Century Cinemax Acacia, located at The Acacia Mall in Kisementi, is a 3D cinema with the latest in surround sound.

You can call Century Cinemax Acacia at the following number: +256-700-660415.

Find Century Cinemax Acacia on social media here:

    • Facebook: Century Cinemax Acacia
    • Twitter: @CinemaxAcacia
    • Instagram: @CenturyCinemaxUg

Ticket Prices:

    • Monday: 12,000 (2D & 3D); 13,000 (Dolby Atmos)
    • Tuesday & Wednesday: 17,000 (2D & 3D); 18,000 (Dolby Atmos)
    • Thursday: 14,000 (2D & 3D); 15,000 (Dolby Atmos)
    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 22,000 (2D & 3D); 24,000 (Dolby Atmos)

Century Cinemax Metroplex

Like Century Cinemax Acacia, Century Cinemax Metroplex is closed for 42 days starting on June 7, 2021 due to new COVID-19 restrictions.

Century Cinemax Metroplex, located at Metroplex Mall in Naalya, Kampala, is also a cinema with 3D capacity.

You can call Century Cinemax Metroplex at the following number: +256-700-660415.

On social media, find Century Cinemax Metroplex here:

    • Facebook: Century Cinemax Metroplex
    • Twitter: @CineMetroplex
    • Instagram: @CenturyCinemaxUg

Ticket Prices (all prices are in Ugandan shillings):

    • Monday: 10,000 (2D & 3D); 12,000 (VIP tickets)
    • Tuesday & Wednesday: 15,000 (2D & 3D); 17,000 (VIP tickets)
    • Thursday: 12,000 (2D & 3D); 14,000 (VIP tickets)
    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 20,000 (2D & 3D); 22,000 (VIP tickets)
    • Re-usable polarized 3D glasses: 8,000

Century Cinemax Cinemas in Kenya

Century Cinemax currently has three cinemas in Kenya, all in Nairobi: Century IMAX at Garden City Mall, Century Cinemax at The Junction Mall, and the recently opened Century CineMAX at Sarit your City.

Century Cinemax Garden City Mall & Century Cinemax Sarit Centre are currently open and showing movies, while Century Cinemax Junction Mall is still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Century Cinemax Junction Mall is scheduled to reopen soon.

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