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Zain Tanzania: Questions and Answers

Update: Zain Tanzania has now become Airtel Tanzania. (Will you be visiting Zanzibar soon? Need tips on what to do and see while you there? I give you all my best ones in Zanzibar, Tanzania: My Best Tips for Stone Town & Elsewhere on the Island.) I am an unhappy Zain Tanzania customer. Why? Because, among other things, I rarely ever know how much I am paying for calls that I make or SMSes that I send through my Zain Tanzania mobile service. Getting someone from Zain Tanzania to answer my questions satisfactorily can also prove to be a huge problem even … Continue reading Zain Tanzania: Questions and Answers

Afripay: Making Online Purchase a Reality

Afripay Mezzanine Floor, Titan Complex Chaka Road (off Argwings Kodhek Road, near Yaya Center) Tel: +254-(20)-2730770 Mobile: +254-(722)-256368 Email: [email protected] In the developed world, almost everything can be bought and sold online, and so it often is. On my most recent visit to the US, a couple of years ago, I asked a good girlfriend to recommend stores that she thought I should visit during my then-quest to buy a new laptop. My friend seemed a little flabbergasted. She couldn’t understand why I would go through all the trouble of shopping for a laptop in person when she felt I could … Continue reading Afripay: Making Online Purchase a Reality

Auto Assured, Kenya

Update: In 2013, Auto Assured changed its name to INFAMA. Auto Assured Ltd. The Motoring Centre, Lenana Road Tel: +254 -(20)-2711420/1, +254-(20)-2727914/5 Mobile: +254-(722)-752543, +254-(733)-730763 Email:[email protected] Yes, I know Christmas is right around the corner so I would do well to write a Christmas-related post today, but frankly, I am not a big fan of Christmas. What I will offer instead, in an effort to appease my readers who are in the throes of the holiday season, is that the service I am going to tell you about today would make an excellent gift for a loved one whose life you … Continue reading Auto Assured, Kenya

Nakumatt Prestige & 24 Hour Supermarkets in East Africa

Current Nakumatt Prestige Offers: Here is a list of 24-hour Nakumatt supermarket stores across East Africa. (Nakumatt Prestige which was one of Nakumatt’s first 24-hour stores is no longer open around the clock. See Nakumatt Prestige’s new opening hours below.) READ ALSO: Community Shopping Guide: Menswear, Electronics, and More Nakumatt Supermarket 24-Hour Branches Kenya Nairobi Mega Ukay Moi Avenue Nakumatt Prestige used to open 24 hours a day but now opens 8:00 am-8:00 pm (Mondays-Sundays). Eldoret HouseHold Kisumu Nyanza Mombasa Cinemax Rwanda Kigali City Centre Nakumatt Ukay Becomes East Africa’s First 24-Hour Supermarket It’s been over 10 years since Nakumatt … Continue reading Nakumatt Prestige & 24 Hour Supermarkets in East Africa

Bank Woes: Does Your Bank Make You Smile?

Today, I have a number of banking transactions to perform. Most of these are to be performed on a couple of accounts I hold with Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, while one of these transactions is to be performed on an account I hold with Kenya Commercial Bank. Despite the disparity in number (and complexity) of the transactions that I have to perform at each bank today, I can safely say that the one transaction to be performed at Kenya Commercial Bank—despite it being a very minor transaction—will probably take more than twice the amount of time (and hassle) than the plural transactions … Continue reading Bank Woes: Does Your Bank Make You Smile?