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Be my Guide to Your East African City #2: What’s Your Favorite Nightlife Spot?

Hi again! Ready to answer the next question about your East African city? Before we get to that, allow me first to thank all who responded to the previous question in this series (the one about your favorite restaurant), with special thanks going out to Brett Harrison of Aliens and Strangers, who despite living in Geita, Tanzania (which according to him is not big on fine restaurants) still shared his favorite restaurants in three other East African cities. Thanks a lot, Brett, I appreciate it! As I write this post, your responses to my last question name restaurants in six … Continue reading

The Joint, Mbezi, Dar es Salaam

Update (July 12, 2016): The Joint nightclub no longer exists. Are you familiar with Uber, the popular ride-sharing service that recently launched in Dar es Salaam. Find out more at Uber Launches in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Joint Mbezi, Dar es Salaam Tel: +255-(715)-854980 / +255-(777)-400800 It’s official: Dar es Salaam now has a new nightclub! Last Saturday, March 14, saw the Grand Opening of The Joint, a nightclub recently opened in Mbezi (near Tankibovu), on the former premises of the now defunct Club Happens. Judging from what The Joint had to offer on Saturday night, we, party-lovers, are in for … Continue reading

Did I Imagine Grant’s Gin?

Of all the drinks in the world, I must admit: I am partial to gin. There’s nothing quite like a well mixed G&T (gin and tonic—especially if the gin in question is Gordon’s Special Dry London Gin), and this my family knows well (trust me, I tell you this for a reason :-)). The story of this post took place about a year ago, in Dar es Salaam, where I’d gone to visit my parents. My father, knowing my love for gin, often makes sure to have a bottle available for me when I first arrive to visit. It’s a little … Continue reading

Casablanca, Nairobi: One of Nairobi’s Best Nightlife Spots?

Casablanca. If you are up and about on the Nairobi social scene, then you probably already have an opinion about Casablanca. What is your opinion? Is it positive or negative? I can’t quite decide myself, which is why I resort to asking you first. In this post, I will do my best to tell you what I can about Casablanca, then you’ll have to judge for yourself. What and Where is Casablanca (Nairobi)? Casablanca is a lounge bar/nightclub (do you think that is an apt description?), located in Kilimani on Chaka Road, off its intersection with Lenana Road. Located in … Continue reading

Soho’s, Nairobi

Nairobians, where do you go when you want to dance? And I mean when you really want to bust a move. For me, I go to one of two places—Dolce or Soho’s. Today, I’d like to tell you about one of the funnest things to do in Nairobi on a weekend night for me: partying at Soho’s. Where is Soho’s? Soho’s is located on Parklands Road not far from Sarit Centre in Westlands.

Club Afrique

Update (January 2016): Club Afrique is now located on Rhapta Road in Westlands. I am a great fan of all things African – African music, African people, African arts & crafts, African clothing – the list could go on and on. At the beginning of this year (or at the end of last year – I no longer remember which), friends who know how much of an ‘African woman’ I am started to call me and tell me that they had been to a nightclub that they knew I’d love. The club, Club Afrique, is located on Museum Hill (in … Continue reading