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10 Things to Do in Gaborone, Botswana

Two months ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Botswana for the first time. I didn’t visit the Okavango Delta or Chobe National Park (the big safari destinations in Botswana). Rather, my trip took me to the capital of Botswana: Gaborone. I was very busy right before the trip; I therefore wasn’t able to do much more than a perfunctory online search of what there was to do in Gaborone. The search didn’t yield much. I tried not to worry about it, sure that I’d figure it out once my trip began. On the appointed day, I hopped onto a … Continue reading 10 Things to Do in Gaborone, Botswana

South Africa Travel: Soweto, Johannesburg

As I mentioned in my last travel post on Johannesburg, South Africa, I bought a 2-day bus & Soweto combo ticket from City Sightseeing Joburg. That ticket allowed me to travel around Johannesburg on the City Sightseeing Joburg bus for two days and, on one of those days, jump into a smaller van to tour Soweto. What I Thought About Soweto and South Africa Before Getting There As a black African child raised in the ’80s, for the longest time, my strongest association with South Africa was apartheid. I remember my father, when I was barely six years old, refusing to buy me a can of Schweppes Indian Tonic because the top … Continue reading South Africa Travel: Soweto, Johannesburg

Johannesburg Hop-On/Hop-Off Tour: City Sightseeing Joburg

This post is about City Sightseeing Joburg, a Johannesburg hop-on/hop- off tour. In my last post, I wrote about flying from Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg with Fastjet, Africa’s new low-cost airline. In that post, I promised to one day tell you more about what I saw and did while I was in Johannesburg. Today, I’ll tell you about a great way I found to go sightseeing and to explore Johannesburg. Furthermore, this way enables you to do so time effectively and at a good price Watch the video below for a brief introduction. READ ALSO: The The Top 5 Wine Farms … Continue reading Johannesburg Hop-On/Hop-Off Tour: City Sightseeing Joburg

Mbarara: Igongo Cultural Centre

Igongo Cultural Centre P.O. Box 512 Mbarara / P.O. Box 488 Kampala Phone (Mbarara): +256-(0)392-722828 or +256-(0)392-722829 Phone (Kampala): +256-(0)414-258914 Restaurant reservations: +256-(0)776-722828 Twelve kilometers from Mbarara along the Mbarara-Masaka Highway, in Biharwe, lies a cultural center that I have come to love: Igongo Cultural Centre! Igongo Cultural Centre includes a restaurant, Kaahwa Kanuzire, a craft- and bookstore, Nkwanzi, and the reason I love it so much, the Eriijukiro Museum of South Western Uganda. Discovering Igongo Cultural Centre, Mbarara I first heard of Igongo Cultural Centre in December 2011, when I arrived in Kiruhura for my annual end-of-year visit to … Continue reading Mbarara: Igongo Cultural Centre