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Getting Your Nails Done in Nairobi

If you came to this post after searching for the term “nail salon near me”, then you’re in the right place. In this post, I discuss whether or not it matters where you get your nails done. I also share about a Nairobi salon that gives great services including nail treatments. Keep reading to find out which one.  Sorry gents, this one might be of interest only to the ladies (though I am aware that nowadays some men also take good care of their feet and nails with pedicures and the like)! A Nail Treatment at a Salon Near Me … Continue reading Getting Your Nails Done in Nairobi

The Outback

A while back, I woke up to find a piece of paper under my front door. At first, I thought it was my electricity bill, but then quickly realized that it was a flyer from a snack bar called The Outback. On first impression (understand: from reading its name), I thought The Outback was some sort of American-style steakhouse. As far as first impressions go, that’s not a good one for me. I dislike imported, unadapted, copied concepts (can you tell that I fell strongly about this?:-)). On the front of the flier was a picture of a kangaroo, fork … Continue reading The Outback