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Let’s Talk About Fashion in Tanzania!

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Kanga Sayings

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a great lover of kanga, the East African cotton fabric with bold designs, bright colors, and a Swahili saying, aphorism, or slogan printed along its bottom border. If you’ve ever seen children wearing kanga wrapped around their bodies and tied behind their necks, then you have a perfect picture of me as a child. If you were to drop by my house unannounced today and I didn’t have a chance to run and change into something “decent”, then chances are you would find me in a kanga, though this … Continue reading Kanga Sayings

MRP Clothing & Mr Price Home Kenya

I can still remember the day when I first became aware of the existence of Mr Price Kenya. The year was 2007. I was driving along Ngong Road in Nairobi near Prestige Plaza. I looked up to see a huge banner announcing the opening of a home furnishing store called Mr Price Home at the Westgate Centre in Westlands. The idea of a home furnishing store sounded interesting to me. I made a mental note to check out the store the next time I was in its vicinity. A Second Mr Price Experience the Same Day That same evening, I … Continue reading MRP Clothing & Mr Price Home Kenya

How to Twist Dreads Yourself & Best Products for Retwisting Dreads

If you came to this post looking for tips on how to twist dreads yourself, click here to jump to a video showing you how to do that. Can I let you in on a secret? Although I absolutely love the look of dreadlocks, I don’t have the patience nor the commitment necessary to grow them. It’s true: I’ve tried four times so far and no matter what I do, about six months into the locking process, I simply wash out my dreadlocks and do something else with my hair. (Update: I am pleased to share that I’ve now been loc-ed … Continue reading How to Twist Dreads Yourself & Best Products for Retwisting Dreads