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21 Rwanda Instagram Photos & Lots More!

The second half of this year has seen me doing my share of travelling. First it was to Northern Tanzania, then Uganda, Rwanda, and now back to Uganda again. My Instagram gallery has been mirroring a similar route, though also including destinations such as Nairobi and Mikumi National Park. I’ve had lots of fun sharing these pics with my followers on Instagram, and since I know that many of you, who read this blog, are not active Instagram users, I thought I’d share the best of those pictures with you here. I hope you like them. Please be sure to let … Continue reading

Ethiopian Coffee: The Best Coffee According to Me

The growing and preparing of coffee is a longstanding tradition in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is where Coffea arabica, the coffee plant, originates. Although coffee is now grown in various parts of the world; Ethiopia still accounts for around 3% of the global coffee market. Today, I’d like to tell you how I first discovered Ethiopian coffee and how it became my favourite coffee of all. Keep reading until the end of this post where I share a video about the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony and how coffee is generally drunk in Ethiopia. READ ALSO: Cadbury Hot Chocolate Recipe / Cadbury Drinking Chocolate Recipe … Continue reading

Dass Restaurant (Ethiopian Restaurant, Nairobi)

Dass Restaurant Pride Towers, Woodvale Grove, Westlands Nairobi Tel: +254-(20)-4453262 Mob: +254-(722)-388388 Email: Just when I thought my mind was made up on Ethiopian restaurants in Nairobi, something new came from left field. It all began on a Wednesday evening, when I was hanging out with a friend and started to have an Ethiopian food craving. We had things to do in the Kileleshwa-Riverside-Westlands area, and so my friend was adamant about not driving to Argwings Kodhek, where our favorite Ethiopian restaurant is. Whatever the case, I really needed some Ethiopian food so suggested that we try a new … Continue reading

Habesha, Nairobi (Downtown Branch)

I am not sure whether or not I said this in my last Habesha post:  I LOVE ETHIOPIAN FOOD! Until very recently, the three restaurants in Nairobi that I considered when looking to satisfy an Ethiopian food craving were Pink Lady at Metropolitan Court in Hurlingham, Red Sea on Lenana Road, and Habesha on Argwings Kodhek. Earlier this year, while talking to friends who share my passion for Ethiopian food, I discovered that there was yet another Ethiopian restaurant worth going to, located in the most convenient of places: downtown Nairobi! (I’ve also recently discovered another one in Westlands, but … Continue reading

Habesha Restaurant (Full Menu Included)

Habesha Restaurant (Nairobi) Argwings Kodhek Road Tel: +254-(0)20-3755418 / (0)733-314677 / (0)725-869989 Find the Habesha menu further down in this post, or click here to jump straight to it. Today, I would like to tell you about a regular eating spot of mine: Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar. Habesha, where I find myself at least once or twice a week, is located on Argwings Kodhek (on the right hand side before the intersection with Elgeyo Marakwet when coming from Yaya), and is the Ethiopian restaurant of choice for many people who live in its environs. I first learned of Habesha from an … Continue reading

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