Cyber Cafe in Westlands, Nairobi: Books First Ukay

In writing for Chick About Town, among other things, I spend my fair share of time on the Internet. When you hold a regular 9-to-5 or are at school, Internet access is something that you take for granted. In the Western World, having an Internet connection at home is almost a given – even my parents, one of whom only recently learned to type his own emails, got a home computer with Internet connection when they moved to the US a couple of years ago. In Africa, without an Internet connection at school or work, you have to think a little harder about how to connect with the rest of the world via the Internet. This post is about a great place that I’ve discovered in Nairobi to do just that.

Previously, I mentioned to you a couple of renovations that were taking place at Books First and Sherlock’s Den Ukay. I told you I would let you know more as I found out more, and now there is more to tell.

I used the Internet café at Books First Ukay quite regularly over the past couple of years. It was close to home, the rates were outstanding for members, and I knew how to choose my workstation so that I could get the quiet I needed to get work done. Still, it was a bit of a sketchy Internet café which seemed not to have been seriously thought through. About a year ago, all that changed.

Now, in its place, is a great cybercafé that’s fantastic especially if you need to concentrate on whatever you are working on. If you were to enter the Books First bookstore at Nakumatt Ukay and walk all the way through to the back, you would find a well-equipped, well-lit (I love light so this is so important to me), quiet Internet café that reminds me of so many computer rooms and computer labs that I encountered during the course of my stint through the education system. 🙂 I mean that as a good thing because computer labs in schools are first and foremost meant to serve a large population and are conducive to work that needs concentration, among other things.

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At most educational computer labs, as at the Books First cybercafé,  the computers are of good quality; the Internet connection is both fast and reliable; the number of computers are such that you are rarely have to wait for one; and the environment is quiet. I love surfing the Net at the Books First cybercafé. If you are a serious user of the Internet, I think you might too.

Something else I like about the Books First cybercafé (apart from its rate of KSH 1 per second for members) are their hours of operation. The main computer room is open until 11 p.m. every day, but there are also a number of workstations located near the bakery area that are available for use 24 hours a day. Yep, you can connect to the Internet at the Books First Ukay cybercafé, all day, every day.

Last but not least, because Books First is affiliated to Sherlock’s Den, whenever you are using their Internet café, you also have available to you, good food and drinks (of all kinds – alcoholic, soft, or hot) to enhance your surfing pleasure.

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I quite like it. I think it’s impressive.

If you are looking for a good Internet café and Westlands is convenient for you, check out the Books First Ukay cybercafé. It might just be what you are looking for.

I wish you happy surfing.


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