Best Wedding Halls in Nairobi & More

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Garden Wedding Venues in Nairobi/Outdoor Wedding Venues in Nairobi/Wedding Venues Nairobi

outdoor wedding venues in Nairobi: A wedding at Zen Garden
A wedding at Zen Garden
  • Naishola Gardens (a beautiful family farm turned event venue in Limuru)
  • Zen Garden on Lower Kabete Road
  • Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club off Kiambu Road

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Weddings in Nairobi: Best Wedding Halls in Nairobi/Wedding Hotels in Nairobi

Best Wedding Halls in Nairobi: Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club
A Wedding at Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club
  1. Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club: Located in the outskirts of Nairobi, this venue offers a picturesque setting with beautiful landscapes and a luxurious ambience for weddings. The largest event rooms at Windsor can sit up to 240 people.
  2. Safari Park Hotel & Casino: Known for its grandeur, Safari Park Hotel is a popular choice for large weddings. It offers various banquet halls and outdoor spaces for hosting events.
  3. The Boma Nairobi: Situated near Wilson Airport, The Boma Nairobi is known for its modern facilities and excellent service, making it an ideal location for weddings. The biggest banquet halls at The Boma Nairobi can hold up to 220 people.
  4. The Sarova Stanley: A well-established hotel in Nairobi, The Sarova Stanley offers sophisticated event spaces and is a preferred choice for elegant weddings.
  5. Zen Garden: This venue combines beautiful gardens and contemporary architecture, creating a unique setting for weddings in Nairobi.
  6. Villa Rosa Kempinski: A luxury hotel located in the Westlands area, Villa Rosa Kempinski boasts elegant venues for both intimate and grand weddings.
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Restaurants and Birthday Party Spots in Nairobi

Nairobi boasts a vibrant culinary scene and a variety of venues suitable for birthday celebrations.

Here are some options:

  1. The Carnivore Restaurant: Known for its unique dining experience featuring a variety of meats grilled on skewers, The Carnivore is a popular choice for birthday parties. Its spacious outdoor seating area can accommodate large groups, and they often offer special packages for celebrations.
  2. Talisman Restaurant: This upscale restaurant in Karen offers a sophisticated ambiance and a diverse menu featuring international cuisine with a Kenyan twist. It has both indoor and outdoor seating areas, making it suitable for intimate birthday gatherings.
  3. Artcaffe: With multiple locations across Nairobi, Artcaffe is a trendy cafe known for its delicious pastries, coffee, and diverse menu offerings. Some of its branches have private rooms or sections that can be reserved for birthday parties, offering a more intimate setting.
  4. Nyama Mama: Located in Westlands, Nyama Mama offers a contemporary take on Kenyan cuisine in a vibrant and colorful setting. It’s a great spot for a fun and lively birthday celebration, with options for both indoor and outdoor seating.
  5. J’s Fresh Bar & Kitchen: Situated in Westlands, J’s is a popular bar and restaurant known for its relaxed atmosphere, live music, and tasty food. It has both indoor and outdoor seating areas, as well as a private room that can be reserved for events.
  6. Zen Garden: Nestled in the heart of Nairobi’s Spring Valley, Zen Garden offers a serene oasis with lush gardens and elegant dining spaces. It’s a great choice for a more upscale birthday celebration, with options for private dining and personalized menus.

When planning a birthday party at any of these venues, be sure to inquire about reservation policies, and special packages. Additionally, consider factors such as group size, budget, and personal preferences to choose the perfect spot for your celebration.

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Affordable Birthday Venues in Nairobi/Birthday Party Venues in Nairobi Kenya

So are you interested in throwing a birthday party in Nairobi and are wondering about where you can do so affordably? If so, here are some suggestions:

  • Throw a picnic party in Karura Forest
  • Have an ice-skating party at Panari Sky Centre
  • Go GP-Karting with a group of friends in Lang’ata
  • Spend a fun day at the fantastic Paradise Lost in Kiambu
  • Host a party at Nairobi Mamba Village

Cheap Baby Shower Venues Nairobi/Free Places to Have a Baby Shower Near Me/Baby Shower Ideas in Kenya

  • A restaurant on a day or time when it is not busy. The restaurant will appreciate the business, i.e.,the food and drinks you buy, and might not charge anything for the venue. You can easily choose a restaurant that serves food and drinks within your budget so that the costs stay low. (Possible restaurant baby shower venues in Nairobi: Maxland Grill & Lounge on Waiyaki Way and Taidy’s in Upper Hill.)
  • If you or any of the friends and family of the expecting mother live in a compound or apartment complex with a club house or common room/area, consider what it would take to hold the baby shower there.
  • If any of the expecting mother’s friends or family has a large enough home, consider asking them to use their house as a venue. You can do your utmost to ensure that no other hosting duties fall upon them.
  • Nowadays, many residential properties rent out rooms on services such as TripAdvisor, AirBnB, and Consider contacting these properties to rent their common area(s) for a few hours. This is something I know establishments like Lake Breeze House in Kampala do.

Event Venues in Nairobi: Not-So-Cheap Baby Shower Venue Ideas in Nairobi

If keeping the budget low is not your primary concern as you plan a baby shower, then also consider…

  • a hotel room. A hotel room is very cosy, especially if you are inviting close friends and family. You can get as large and as nice a room as your budget permits. You’ll definitely have privacy! Furthermore, the hotel can provide you with decorations, food, and drinks, radically reducing the amount of work for you to do. Browse a list of possible hotels that could serve as baby shower venues in Nairobi here.
  • a microbrewery. This may not be a natural first thought when planning a baby shower because baby showers are usually alcohol-free events. Still, consider this: 1) microbreweries usually have very chic, modern decor; 2) they typically have areas for people to gather and meet; 3) they normally serve food; and 4) they already have tables and chairs so all you’ll have to bring are decorations.
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affordable baby shower venues in Nairobi: A beer themed baby shower

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Baby Shower Venues Near Me (Thika Road)

Keeping with the idea of renting a hotel room as a venue for a baby shower, if you are looking specifically for hotels along Thika Road, here are two hotels that you might consider:

To see more hotels along or near Thika Road, click here.

Do You Have Any Other Ideas for Baby Shower Venues in Nairobi?

If so, please let me know in a comment below.

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Baby Shower Venue Packages/Baby Shower Package Prices

I do not currently know of any baby shower packages available in Nairobi. If you do, please let me know in a comment below so I can share this information with my readers.

Photo Credits: Zen Garden


  1. The truth is, I have never attended a bridal shower in my life. Those things are very intimate, and in my opinion for close friends, of course none of my close friends have gotten married or are even planning to. My only good friend who did, I wasn’t even present in Nairobi at the time, told me all she got were thongs and lingerie, which she doesn’t even use.

    The Knot has some really good tips, trust Mama to already have it book marked on my comp together with other wedding sites! The other link you provided on saucy ideas doesn’t seem to be working.

    1. Hi Mama,

      Thanks for letting me know about the faulty link – it has now been rectified.

      So I am not alone in having been to few/no bridal showers? I think it’s definitely a sign of the times. 😉

      I cannot imagine why brides would complain about having too many thongs or lingerie. Who can have enough of those???!!!!:-) A cousin of mine complains about that too – that all she got at her bridal shower were thongs and lingerie! Tsk, tsk.

      Now that the link has been fixed, check out the article for ideas that are saucy but go beyond underwear. Yes, The Knot is simply great!

      I hope all is well with you.


  2. Nice article. Enjoyed going through it. Also like the title of the blog “Ramblings about Bridal Showers”

  3. Been to a couple and am planning two in the next 2 months. From Sexpert, TZ Somo, videos to male strippers,personal confessions alot does go on. It is interesting how women open up easily especially after a couple of pints.

    1. Hi Gish,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

      It’s true what you say – it’s amazing what a couple of pints can do for openness! 🙂

      So what great plans do you have for these two showers you are planning?


  4. For me, bridal showers are as diverse as the people who have them. There are those women who want the sex auntie to advise them about how to keep it spicy in the bedroom, and there are those who run away (very quickly) from the saucy side, preferring the chilled get-together. it’s more common for younger brides in their early twenties to want the “aunties”, but i’ve found that this is just to impress (or educate!) their girls. is it possible (in our “conservative” Nairobi) to have a mixture of the get-together with mothers, aunties and friends and the sharing of the sex advice?

    1. Hi Miss Taks,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

      True dat, bridal showers come in all varieties. Which kind would you wish to have? (Tell us, so we know early! ;-))

      I am not so sure about the mix being able to happen. It would be a great thing if it could but very often I find the generations too squeamish around each other to discuss their relationships with the opposite gender openly, sexual or otherwise….which is a shame if you ask me. What great advice we would receive if our mothers spoke to us truthfully about their experiences with men. How many blunders we could avoid if only we allowed older, more experienced women to guide us through the minefield that are relationships. Well, we can only change this one individual at a time, right? First, when we are the young women in need of advice, then later when we are the experienced mamas with great advice to give, not so?

      Thanks for you comment!


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