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Be My Guide to Your East African City #6: What’s the Best Local Place to Work Out?

Hi again! I hope your weekend is off to a good start. Ready to tell me one more thing about your East African city? Or are you getting a little tired of my questions? I promise I’ll give you a little break after this post and tell you about a cozy new cafe that I recently discovered in Masaki.

For now though, one more question:

Question #6: In your East African town/city, what’s the best local place to work out?

Those of you who read me regularly might already know that I swim every day for exercise (sorry but all those grandiose plans about working out at the beach never materialized).

I started to swim regularly in Dar es Salaam because I live in a compound with a swimming pool, and what better exercise than swimming given Dar es Salaam’s heat? (I think I swam twice in all the years that I lived in Nairobi because I always found the water too cold!)

In order to be able to answer this question myself, I recently visited a couple of local gyms that had been recommended to me when I first thought about moving to Dar es Salaam.

When I got to what I consider the best local place to work out, which also happened to be the one most often and most highly recommended to me, I completely understood why.

For those of you who truly enjoy your gym workouts, you’ll understand it when I say: this place had my blood pumping and longing for the days when I used to regularly go to the gym.

To know which gym I’m talking about, see the first comment to this post.

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Now, over to you.

To let me know the best local place to work out in your East African city, leave me a comment below in the following format:

City/Town, Country:
Best Local Place to Work Out:
Why do you like this place?:

I look forward to hearing what you have to say!


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3 thoughts on “Be My Guide to Your East African City #6: What’s the Best Local Place to Work Out?”

City/Town, Country: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Best Local Place to Work Out: Colosseum Health & Fitness Club

Address/Location: 79 Haile Selassie Road, Oysterbay
Website: http://www.colosseumtz.com/Fitness-Club.htm
Why do you like this place?: It’s well-equipped, offers a wide-variety of fitness activities, in a beautiful and spacious location, with very professional staff!

City/Town, Country: Nairobi, Kenya
Best Local Place to Work Out: Jacaranda Gym and Spa

Address/Location: Jacaranda Hotel, Westlands
Website: http://www.jacarandahotels.com/jacaranda-hotel-nairobi/59-gym-a-spa.html
Why do you like this place?: This is the newest and nicest gym in Nairobi, its on the smaller side but they cap the number of members so its never too crowded. Downside: also the most expensive gym in Nairobi. Its one of the few day-heated pools in Nairobi though so it makes it great for swimming. Cost-conscious alternative: the gym and pool at International School of Kenya, but its a bit of a drive. Also, there are a couple of Hindu Temples – one off James Gichuru called Jeffries, and one off Lower Kabete as you leave Westlands – both offer nice, safe walking / jogging paths that are free and open to the public. Jeffries also has a small gym and a huge open area inside the track for football, rugby, frisbee, etc..


I checked out the website for the gym at Jacaranda–looks snazzy! What are the monthly charges like?

I used to love to walk at Jaffery’s in the evening. It was a great way to clear my mind, and once I was done, I’d lay on the grass or on the hood of my car and simply take in the starry night sky. Divine!


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