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Be My Guide to Your East African City #3: What’s Your Favorite Spa?

Hi again! Thank you to all who responded to my last two posts, sharing with me your favorite restaurant and your favorite nightlife spot. Today, let’s move on to something a little different.

The next thing I’d like to know from you is…

Question #3: In your East African town/city, what’s your favorite spa?

To be honest, I was a little stumped when I first saw this question. Although I love getting massages and getting my nails done as much as the next woman, I have never been to a spa in Dar es Salaam. Coming to think of it, I’ve never been to a spa…anywhere (I’ve always gotten my beauty treatments at beauty salons or at the gym). Wow! That’s something I need to put on my list of things to do!

Anyhow, since I can’t share with you my favorite spa anywhere in East Africa, instead I’ll  tell you of two spas in Dar es Salaam that have been highly recommended to me by friends I can trust entirely when it comes to this sort of thing. To find out which spas those are, please see the first comment below.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Like you did in the last two posts, please leave your answer as a comment in the following format (which you can simply copy and paste into the comment box before filling in the rest of your response):

City/Town, Country:
Favorite Spa:
Why do you like this place?

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Until the next time,

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6 thoughts on “Be My Guide to Your East African City #3: What’s Your Favorite Spa?”

City/Town, Country: Zanzibar, Tanzania
Favorite Spa: Coconut Spa

Address/Location:Sandies Neptune Beach resort & spa
Why do you like this place? The ambience is amazing. Perched on a cliff it overlooks the resort and the beach.It has an open rooftop terrace with a jaccuzi, where you are welcomed, seated and offered an amazing detox welcome drink.
The staff are balinese and they performed my facial which was out of this world. They get top marks for creating the perfect tranquil ambience plus excellent service and performance.
Most of the spas’, in many parts of the world, these days are just beauty salons, calling themselves spas’.
So Cocount Spa was an amazing experience, the perfect end to a relaxing holiday!

Favorite Spa : Lemon Spa
Address/Location: Adjacent to the George & Dragon, Haile Selassie rd Masaki and Suite 111 the Chavda Hotel – stone town, Zanzibar
Why do you like this place?
The reason why i love it so much is that they have a professional team and they like to promote indigenous fresh raw materials in their menu and are also very reasonable for what they offer. Also they have a wonderful branch in Zanzibar at the Chavda Hotel – Stonetown. 0772 877365

City/Town, Country: Nairobi, Kenya
Favorite Spa: Tribe Hotel

Address/Location: At Village Market
Why do you like this place? OK well I’ve never actually been to Kaya, but I can’t really recommend any of the other spas I’ve been to in Nairobi, and seeing as you don’t have any other spas yet, now you do. Kaya looks great, but its probably the most pricey option in town.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for your responses!

Atiya–Wow, Coconut Spa sounds divine!

Aida–Welcome to ChickAboutTown! Since I wrote this post, I have been to Lemon Spa, Dar es Salaam a couple of times, and I agree with you: their team is very professional and the ingredients they use are half the experience. I can’t stop raving about their Singo Scrub. Wonderful experience!

David–Thanks for your comment. You are right: no one else had listed a spa in Kenya (let alone Nairobi). Like Brew Bistro, Tribe Hotel, is another place that I consistently hear great things about. A good friend even just came right out and told me: Biche, this is your kind of place. I can’t wait to visit it! When I do, if the prices aren’t too prohibitive, I’ll check out the spa too! 😉


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