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10 Best Experiences to Have in South Africa

South Africa is immense, in both size and magnificence. Varied, exotic and beautiful; many treasures await. Approximately twice the size of the state of Texas and the combined size of Spain and France, there is something for everyone from the excitement and glamour of Sun City, safaris in the Kruger National Forest, to the subtropical coastline of the northern KwaZulu-Natal. South Africa is a breathtaking experience unlike any other.

Online Casinos in East Africa Are the Next Big Thing

If you are a regular reader you will know that bingo at the Upanga Club in Dar es Salaam has become a favourite Friday night out. But the Upanga Club is not the only place where you can experience the thrill of a cash win. Friday night is also not the only time when you can enjoy a spot of gambling excitement. South Africa’s big gambling resorts are, inevitably, what everyone thinks of whenever gambling and Africa are mentioned in the same sentence. But believe it or not, there is a lot more to Africa than just the bit at the bottom! … Continue reading Online Casinos in East Africa Are the Next Big Thing