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After the wonderful time I had watching Dreamgirls, I decided to try my luck once more and attempt to watch yet another movie at home.

Since I am writing about the whole episode, you can guess that my attempt was indeed successful.

Still, I’d like to share my experience of how I ended up watching Mel Gibson‘s Apocalypto, the way it happened to me.

I Attempt Another Movie

Since I had not yet returned the DVD that I had borrowed from my friend, I searched it for another title that I thought might be interesting.

I settled on Freedom Writers with Hillary Swank.

The movie began in a time long ago, in the jungles of Central America (if you’ve watched Freedom Writers, you know that something has already gone horribly wrong!) with some extremely deep goings-on. I thought: Strange….how is this going to be tied together with the modern-day movie that I know Freedom Writers is (this I gathered from the image on the picture face of the DVD)?

Well, I decided, the best way to find out was to just watch and see.

I watched and watched and watched, but somehow the movie didn’t turn out as I expected.

Hillary Swank never did make an appearance, and the setting never changed from the jungles of Central America.

Still, by the time I realized that I was definitely not watching Freedom Writers, it was too late! I was already too emotionally involved in the story of Jaguar Paw, the movie’s main character.

The movie I was watching (I later found out) was called Apocalypto.

Jaguar Paw in Apocalypto Movie

I watched and watched and watched, despite the heavy gore and violence, until the very end of the movie (I usually can’t watch a lot of gore and violence so this is a testament to how gripping the movie was).

All I can say is that the movie was good!

Apparently, the makers of the film had for goal to update the chase genre by stripping it down to its most intense form—a man running for his life and at the same time getting back to something that matters to him—and this they did well!

Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto

Still, I wondered how this movie had made its way to the 8-in-1 DVD I had.

To the best of my knowledge, those types of DVDs usually contain blockbusters and Apocalypto, set in pre-colonial Central America filmed in Yucatec Maya (with English subtitles), hardly fit the description.

It all finally came together at the very end of the movie when the credits began to roll: Apocalypto was produced by Mel Gibson!

I wonder why I hadn’t thought of it earlier. After all, isn’t a gripping gory movie filmed in a foreign archaic language the perfect description for none other than The Passion of the Christ?

Well, now at least I understood why I liked the movie so much.

I love the stories that Mel Gibson tells, and I love how he chooses to tell them (remember The Patriot?)!

Apparently, the reason he sometimes chooses to film in languages understood by so few is that it allows viewers to suspend their own reality and get drawn into the world of the film, all the while emphasizing cinematic visuals.

I think that happened for me both when I was watching The Passion of the Christ as well as when I was watching Apocalypto.

I won’t say much more about Apocalypto, in terms of storyline.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about the movie, please check out the trailer for the film.

All I will say, is that it’s a really good movie, and I recommend it if, sometime soon, you are looking for a good movie to watch.

Please let me know what you think of the movie when you do.

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