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10 Most Popular Online Courses To Pursue In Sub-Saharan Africa

This post is brought to you courtesy of Jens Ischebeck.  Education, it has been said, is the key to success. One easy to access education tool is online courses. Online courses are available for nearly every topic. In a similar fashion, there is no doubt that knowledge is power. Indeed, education is a sure way for individuals to achieve their personal dreams and aspirations. At the same time, it is one of the critical ways through which countries can individually and collectively attain their set development goals. Africa, and especially Sub-Saharan Africa, is home to some of the fastest growing … Continue reading 10 Most Popular Online Courses To Pursue In Sub-Saharan Africa

Coller La Petite in English

With now over 38 million views on YouTube, Franko and his Coller La Petite (get it on Amazon here) have taken the world by storm! I first heard of Coller La Petite in a Whatsapp message from a childhood friend. I checked it out, and it’s been a love story ever since! I immediately had questions about parts of the song and headed online to look for the song’s lyrics. Although I could find them online, I couldn’t find a translation for some of the more difficult to understand words for non-Camfranglais speakers, for instance, what is a ndjoka or what does sanga la petite mean?  I … Continue reading Coller La Petite in English

Facebook Opens First African Office

Although there is increasing talk about the decline of Facebook usage, and it’s becoming more common to hear of people deleting or deactivating their Facebook accounts, the social media network continues to expand and grow into new markets. In June 2015, Facebook opened its first African office located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Continue reading below to find out more.  Facebook has opened its first office in Africa to further the company’s commitment to help businesses connect with people and grow locally and regionally. Based in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, Facebook’s newest business office will be headed by Ogilvy veteran, Nunu Ntshingila-Njeke, the company’s new Head of Africa. … Continue reading Facebook Opens First African Office

Online Casinos in East Africa Are the Next Big Thing

If you are a regular reader you will know that bingo at the Upanga Club in Dar es Salaam has become a favourite Friday night out. But the Upanga Club is not the only place where you can experience the thrill of a cash win. Friday night is also not the only time when you can enjoy a spot of gambling excitement. South Africa’s big gambling resorts are, inevitably, what everyone thinks of whenever gambling and Africa are mentioned in the same sentence. But believe it or not, there is a lot more to Africa than just the bit at the bottom! … Continue reading Online Casinos in East Africa Are the Next Big Thing

Hellofood & TV1 Present #StayAtHomeTZ

Imagine this: It’s a lazy Saturday after a very long week, and all you want to do is stay home in front of some good TV. You settle down on your couch, under some comfortable covers, and start to surf the channels for something good to watch. You finally find it and settle in for a cozy night at home filled with marathon TV watching. An hour or two in, your stomach begins to grumble. You mentally start going through what you’ve got in the fridge. Come to think of it, there’s not much to eat unless you’re going to … Continue reading Hellofood & TV1 Present #StayAtHomeTZ

20 Hottest Blogs in East Africa

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending an entire week with one of my favorite cousins who was visiting from Kampala. We hung out and caught up like we used to way back in the day when we were both still single young females (I am still single; she’s married with two kids). We talked about everything under the sun, and of course, because she’s an avid reader of Chick About Town, we also talked about blogging and about our respective experiences in the blogosphere. During one such conversation, my cousin let on that she now reads blogs regularly and … Continue reading 20 Hottest Blogs in East Africa

Readers’ Choice: 15 Most Popular Posts on Chick About Town

In nine days, Chick About Town will be turning two. I’ve greatly enjoyed writing this blog and recently decided to take a trip down memory lane to take stock of what exactly has been going on, on this blog, for the past two years. I reread some of my older posts and, most importantly, tried to figure out which of my posts you, my readers, enjoyed most. In doing this, several things became glaringly clear to me. For starters, I found out that whereas you, my readers, enjoy reading about places to hang out at, you are a lot more … Continue reading Readers’ Choice: 15 Most Popular Posts on Chick About Town