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33 Sunset, Food, Books & Other Pictures from Around East Africa (…and Botswana)

It’s been a fun past three months for me on Instagram. In case you don’t follow me there, today I’d like to share some highlights from my Instagram gallery from that period. In this post, you’ll see 33 of my most liked Instagram pictures and videos from the last three months. They include sunset pictures, pictures of delicious and interesting food, as well as pictures of some great books I’ve read recently. I hope you enjoy them. With no further ado, here they are. Related: 19 Sky, Water, & Sunset Photos and More Taken in Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Kigali and Elsewhere. 33. Food … Continue reading 33 Sunset, Food, Books & Other Pictures from Around East Africa (…and Botswana)

Franko – Coller la petite : paroles & traduction de « sanga la petite » et autres

Est-ce que vous avez déjà entendu la chanson phare « Coller la petite » du chanteur camerounais Franko ? Est-ce que vous chercher les paroles de « Coller la petite » et voulez en savoir plus sur ce qu’il dit dans la chanson? Par exemple, que veut signifier «sanga la petite »  ? Si oui, ne vous inquiétez pas, vous êtes bel et bien arrivés. Dans ce billet « Franko – Coller la petite : paroles & traduction de  “sanga la petite” et autres » vous trouverez non seulement les paroles de la chanson « Coller la petite » mais aussi une traduction des … Continue reading Franko – Coller la petite : paroles & traduction de « sanga la petite » et autres

Yemi Alade – ‘Na Gode’ (Swahili Version)

It’s a new day in Africa, and I love it! What makes me say that? I say that because we now have the likes of award-winning Nigerian recording artist Yemi Alade remaking her songs in Swahili for African fans on the other side of the continent (she specifically mentions Kenya). Why does that matter? It matters to me because finally, I am seeing the fruit of much-spoken-about Pan-African ideals not only in the usual rhetoric of our political leaders (sorry I don’t have much faith in that) but also in the everyday lives of regular Africans and in pop culture, which usually reflects the zeitgeist of the times. … Continue reading Yemi Alade – ‘Na Gode’ (Swahili Version)

Coller La Petite in English

With now over 38 million views on YouTube, Franko and his Coller La Petite (get it on Amazon here) have taken the world by storm! I first heard of Coller La Petite in a Whatsapp message from a childhood friend. I checked it out, and it’s been a love story ever since! I immediately had questions about parts of the song and headed online to look for the song’s lyrics. Although I could find them online, I couldn’t find a translation for some of the more difficult to understand words for non-Camfranglais speakers, for instance, what is a ndjoka or what does sanga la petite mean?  I … Continue reading Coller La Petite in English

Stone Town, Zanzibar: Swahili Music & More at the Sauti Za Busara Music Festival

Every February, Zanzibar hosts Sauti za Busara, nicknamed the “The Friendliest Festival on Planet Earth”. I can understand how Sauti za Busara earned that name. Hanging out in Stone Town, Zanzibar on any random day would make you feel loose and irie, ready to open up to strangers, so how much more so then when the island’s everyday activities come to a grinding halt to host the biggest music festival in East Africa, featuring not only Swahili music but also music from the rest of Africa and beyond?

Classical Music Concert in Dar es Salaam

Have you heard what TRACE called the African Hit of the Year at the end of last year? If not, check out: Coller La Petite Lyrics, Meaning of ‘Sanga La Petite’ & More for the song’s video, lyrics, and English translation. Enjoy! Avez-vous déjà entendu le tube camerounais nommé la chanson Africaine de l’année par TRACE? Vous pouvez trouver le clip vidéo et les paroles ici: Franko: Coller la petite – parole – Coller la petite – paroles – Coller la petite & traduction de « sanga la petite » et autres. Photo Credits:

Be My Guide to Your East African City #13: Where’s the Best Place to Hear Music?

From my last few posts, you might have begun to think that ChickAboutTown is now a music blog–don’t worry, it isn’t. If you don’t know the origin of my “Be my Guide to Your East African City” series, then I welcome you to read the very first post of this series (…and tell me your favorite restaurant in your East African city while you are at it! 😉 ). Hopefully, you’ll then realize that I’ve not suddenly become music obsessed; rather, blame the people at RunwayPassport–they’re the reason for all the music-related questions! 🙂