Paulo Coelho Favorite Books

Paulo Coelho Favorite Books

Want to know what some of Paulo Coelho’s own favorite books are? If so, click here.

“Africa Check” -”Rapper” -”BBNaija”

Did you Google the search string above looking for the website of Africa Check, the non-profit fact checking organization? If so, you can find it here.

Paulo Coelho Best Books: Top 5

So what are Paulo Coelho’s 5 best books?

Well, I am sure you will get a different answer from every person you ask.

In an effort to be objective and to crowdsource this answer, I figure: let’s use popularity as a measure. Here are the current 5 most popular Paulo Coelho books on Amazon. (Click on any of the book covers below to find out more about it.)

I definitely concur with the first, second, and fourth books on this list.

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