Rope Twist Locs & How to Twist Dreads

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Rope Twist Locs/Rope Twist Dreads/Rope Dreads/Rope Twists Locs/Two Strand Twist Locs

Rope twist locs are essentially two-strand twists made with already formed locs. You can see pictures of these below.

Rope twist locs

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Starting Your Dreadlocks

Once the decision is made, there’s the small detail of getting started. As I mentioned before, the first time I started to grow dreadlocks, I decided to use the “neglect” method.

The second time, I opted to begin my dreadlocks by twisting my natural hair, at home, on my own–no need to find someone to retwist dreads near me.

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The third and fourth times, I acquiesced to saner methods and visited a loctitian. This time I would retwist dreads near me at a salon close to where I bought groceries.

How about you?

How did you get your dreadlocks started?

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If you’ve had the opportunity to try different methods, which do you recommend? (I recommend visiting a loctitian to twist dreads initially! 🙂 )

how to twist dreads yourself: Black woman professionally dressed with dreadlocks

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Twist Dreadlocks: Maintenance

The first day you begin your dreadlock journey is just that—the first day of a long (gruesome) journey to getting your dreadlocks looking the way you’ve always pictured them in your mind 🙂 — so let’s talk about the process of nurturing your natural hair as it grows to form beautiful, fully-locked dreadlocks.

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For those of you who have been down this road before, what was your dreadlock maintenance routine during the early months?

Did you go to a hair salon to wash and retwist your dreadlocks, or rather did you opt to take care of your dreadlocks yourself?

how to retwist locs and use clips to hold them in place

I’ve used both methods with varying results. When I did not retwist my dreads at home, I would do so at a salon near me.

Going to a loctitian can be relatively hassle-free, but at the going rates I’ve seen in East Africa, it can be quite expensive.

That as well as it means putting your dreadlock-fortune into the hands of someone who may not necessarily share your dreadlock vision.

What do you say?

Would you recommend maintaining dreadlocks by visiting a salon regularly,  or is DIY (do it yourself) the way to go?

For those who recommend visiting a salon, do you have loctitians/salons anywhere in East Africa that you would like to recommend?

With what frequency do you recommend visiting such salons?

how to retwist locs by interlocking at a hair salon

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Dread Twist: How to Twist Dreads/Twist Locs Yourself

If DIY is your preference, then let’s get to the nitty-gritty: What is/was your personal dreadlock maintenance routine?

How and when did/do you wash and retwist your dreadlocks?

Do you have any particular way in which you do this?

What products have yielded the best results for you?

Personally, I like to wash and retwist my dreadlocks once a week. (Update: This was true for my previous loc journeys, but now I only wash my locs when my hair or scalp feels dirty, or if my hair has to be extremely neat for some reason.)

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I do this because I like the manicured look.

I am not picky about what shampoo I use, but I do skip conditioner to avoid difficult-to-remove residue.

How about once your locs are fully locked? Did you have to change your maintenance routine then? If so, what did you do differently at this stage of your dreadlock journey?

Do you have any tips to share about how to retouch dreadlocks yourself once they are locked and longer?

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That’s all I have for you today.

Photo Credits: Fashion Beans, Nay Wick

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