Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi

Silver Springs Hotel (Nairobi) rating: 8.1/10 – “Very Good”Check price or book your stay here! Are you a Nairobian, i.e., someone who lives in Nairobi? If so, how often do you pass Silver Springs Hotel without giving it a second thought? Do you even know where Silver Springs Hotel is located? To make sure we are talking about the same place, the Silver Springs Hotel is located off the roundabout where Valley Road meets Argwings Kodhek. The main entrance of the hotel is located on the road leading to Nairobi Hospital, immediately on your left after coming out of the roundabout. Have … Continue reading Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi

Village Market Cinema: Is There a Cinema at Village Market?

Sadly, no, the Village Market Cinema has been closed and is no longer operational. You Might Also Enjoy: You would have to be blind to live in Nairobi (please excuse my political incorrectness) and not notice the rising phenomenon that is Nu Metro, both the cinemas and mediastores. (The cinemas include the Village Market cinema, and those at The Junction Mall and Prestige Plaza.) I say phenomenon because from having five cinemas to go to in Nairobi, that number has now doubled. Nu Metro has played a big role in that development. Usually located at big shopping complexes, Nu Metro has … Continue reading Village Market Cinema: Is There a Cinema at Village Market?

Panari Sky Centre

A few weekends ago found me at Club Liquid, a nightclub at the Panari Sky Center. A friend of mine was invited to an exclusive party there and invited some of her female friends to tag along. Since it was a club that none of us had been to but had heard great things about, we decided to make a girls’ night of it and go all out. We dressed the part, met up at said friend’s house, and headed out all together to have a great night of fun at Panari. Club Liquid @ Panari Club Liquid was not … Continue reading Panari Sky Centre

Getting Your Nails Done in Nairobi

If you came to this post after searching for the term “nail salon near me”, then you’re in the right place. In this post, I discuss whether or not it matters where you get your nails done. I also share about a Nairobi salon that gives great services including nail treatments. Keep reading to find out which one.  Sorry gents, this one might be of interest only to the ladies (though I am aware that nowadays some men also take good care of their feet and nails with pedicures and the like)! A Nail Treatment at a Salon Near Me … Continue reading Getting Your Nails Done in Nairobi

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