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Kumekucha Blog

As much as I blog, I am not an avid reader of blogs. It’s not that I am not interested in what others have to say. Rather, in this fast-paced world of having so many things to do, I am not too keen to add tasks to my regular to-do list. Still, there are a couple of blogs that I enjoy reading whenever I do get the chance to do some leisurely internet surfing. One such blog is “You Missed This – Kumekucha” (which I will simply call Kumekucha from this point on). READ ALSO: African Travel Blogs Award 2018: … Continue reading Kumekucha Blog

Afripay: Making Online Purchase a Reality

Afripay Mezzanine Floor, Titan Complex Chaka Road (off Argwings Kodhek Road, near Yaya Center) Tel: +254-(20)-2730770 Mobile: +254-(722)-256368 Email: In the developed world, almost everything can be bought and sold online, and so it often is. On my most recent visit to the US, a couple of years ago, I asked a good girlfriend to recommend stores that she thought I should visit during my then-quest to buy a new laptop. My friend seemed a little flabbergasted. She couldn’t understand why I would go through all the trouble of shopping for a laptop in person when she felt I could … Continue reading Afripay: Making Online Purchase a Reality

Facebook for Beginners

When I first thought of writing a post about Facebook, I wasn’t sure that I would be telling anyone anything new. Facebook has been around for over ten years and is used by over a billion people worldwide. And then, I started to discuss Facebook with my cousin, Julia, who had heard about it but didn’t quite know how it worked. Julia, this one is for you! What Is Facebook? Facebook, located at, is a social networking website that allows you to keep in touch with friends, family, workmates, and other people who have ever been a part of your life, through … Continue reading Facebook for Beginners

AllRecipes.Com: For Great Dinner Ideas

Today, I am not going to tell you about a place to visit or a product to buy. Rather, I will tell you about a great website that has come in handy for me many times and that I consider to be a real life saver: What is, is an online cooking community where home cooks from around the world go to share, rate and download recipes and meal ideas. That’s how describes itself. In my words, is a great place to find recipes that will have your friends and family swearing that you are … Continue reading AllRecipes.Com: For Great Dinner Ideas