Stone Town Harbour, Zanzibar

Stone Town: Where to Stay for Every Budget

As I mentioned in my last post, I often like to say: you can do Zanzibar on any budget.

When it comes to accommodation, you can very well splurge and stay in the lap of luxury at hotels such as the Park Hyatt Zanzibar or the Zanzibar Serena Hotel, but you can also find reputable places to stay for as low as US$9 a night.

Yes, I did say US$9, but the operative word in that sentence is reputable—you don’t want to be in a place as magical as Zanzibar only to stay in a hole in the wall because you are pinching pennies!

That’s not what this post is about.

What Can You Expect from the Establishments in This Post?

In this post, I would like to tell you about nice places to stay even when you are watching your spend.

How do I know they are nice?

Well, I didn’t want you to take my word for it, so instead I crowdsourced an opinion of what constitutes nice.

In this list, you will only find accommodation options that have a minimum guest rating of 8/10, or “Very Good”, on

This list features the best ranked accommodation options in Stone Town, Zanzibar with prices ranging from US$18 to US$480 a night.

Why Did I Come up with This List?

I originally came up with this list not to share with you, actually, but rather for a family member who will be having a destination wedding in Zanzibar in a couple of months.

I focused on Stone Town, rather than the entire island of Zanzibar, because that’s what made most sense for her guests and wedding location.

Luckily, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stone Town is not only one of the main reasons visitors come to Zanzibar but is also the site of present-day Zanzibar City.

That’s why I thought this list would be useful to you too.

How Is This List Organized?

I’ve categorized the hotels on this list into five main categories based on budget: shoestring, budget, moderate, higher end, and upmarket.

You will find the price criterion for each category in the heading above the establishments in that category.

Furthermore, for each category, the establishments are ordered in a sort of value-for-money ranking, with those at the top of each category offering the best experience for the least amount of money, while those at the bottom perhaps cost more than the experience they offer justifies.

Where Do the Prices Shown in This List Come From?

The prices listed for each establishment were found on for the weekend of my niece’s wedding which is in late-February.

February, however, is low season in Zanzibar, so prices may be higher when you travel.

Nonetheless, I believe the general price category for each hotel/hostel/guesthouse and how these accommodation options compare to each other should remain about the same all year round.

The prices listed are based on the lowest price I could find for one person during that specific weekend, so prices could be for a bed in a dormitory, a room with access to a shared bathroom, or a room with its own private bathroom.

Do These Prices Include Breakfast?

Most of the prices on this list include breakfast.

For a few options, though, breakfast is not included but available at the establishment for a small fee.

Be sure to read the fine print when you click over to find out more about each establishment.

Without further ado, here are the…

36 Best Places to Stay in Stone Town, Zanzibar (For Every Budget)

Park Hyatt Zanzibar

Upmarket Hotels (US$100+ a night)

No. Hotel Name Guest Rating Lowest Price (USD)
1 Park Hyatt Zanzibar 9.2 – Wonderful $480
2 Jafferji House and Spa 8.5 – Very Good $113
3 Maru Maru Hotel 8.5 – Very Good $124
4 Annex of Tembo Hotel 8.5 – Very Good $131
5 The Swahili House 8.5 – Very Good $170
6 Double Tree by Hilton – Stone Town 8.5 – Very Good $172
7 Kisiwa House 8.8 – Excellent $225
8 Hiliki House 8.2 – Very Good $132
9 Zanzibar Serena Hotel 8.3 – Very Good $311
Zanzibar Coffee House

Higher End Hotels (US$75 – US$100 a night)

No. Hotel Name Guest Rating Lowest Price (USD)
1 Zanzibar Coffee House 9 – Wonderful $83
2 Forodhani Park Hotel 8.5 – Very Good $81
3 Dhow Palace Hotel 8.5 – Very Good $86
4 Kholle House 8.8 – Excellent $90
5 Stone Town Café B&B 8.7 – Excellent $90
6 The Seyyida Hotel & Spa 8.5 – Very Good $97
7 Golden Tulip Stone Town Boutique 8.1 – Very Good $96
8 Tembo House Hotel 8.3 – Very Good $96
9 Beyt Al Salaam 8.2 – Very Good $97
Al-Minar Hotel

Moderately Priced Hotels (US$50 – US$75 a night)

No. Hotel Name Guest Rating Lowest Price (USD)
1 Al-Minar Hotel 8.7 – Excellent $57
2 Mizingani Seafront Hotel 8.8 – Excellent $73
3 Asmini Palace Hotel 8.2 – Very Good $52
4 Abuso Inn 8.1 – Very Good $55
5 Tausi Palace Hotel 8.1 – Very Good $61
Balcony House

Budget Accommodation (US$25 – US$50 a night)

No. Hotel Name Guest Rating Lowest Price (USD)
1 Balcony House 9.1 – Wonderful $30
2 Lost & Found Zanzibar 8.8 – Excellent $29
3 Sleep Inn Stone Town 8.5 – Very Good $41
4 Zenji Hotel 8.7 – Excellent $48
5 House of Spices 8.7 – Excellent $50
6 Jambo Guest House 8.2 – Very Good $30
7 Rumaisa Hotel 8.1 – Very Good $39
8 Warere Town House 8.0 – Very Good $40
9 Apco Stone Town Zanzibar 8.2 – Very Good $40
10 Kiponda B & B 8.1 – Very Good $46
11 The Island Town 8.0 – Very Good $50
Ten to Ten Stone Town Zanzibar

Shoestring (Under US$25 a night)

No. Hotel Name Guest Rating Lowest Price (USD)
1 Ten to Ten Stone Town Zanzibar 8.7 – Excellent $18
2 Princess Salme Inn 8.1 – Very Good $23

So there you go: I hope you found this list useful!

If you would like to find out more about any of these hotels, or book your stay there, simply click the name of the hotel in the tables above, and you will be redirected to a page where you can do that.

Let me know in a comment below if you have anything to share about any of these establishments.

Until the next time,

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One thought on “Stone Town: Where to Stay for Every Budget”

Thank you, Biche, for this list. My husband and I decided to stay at Mzingeni Seafront Hotel and we greatly enjoyed the views from the dining room terrace. The breakfast buffet was fantastic! The room was spacious and comfortable, and the service was very personable.

The hotel was also very well placed relative to the ferry, Stone Town,and Forodhani Gardens, all of which were in walking distance of about 5 to 15 minutes.

Once more thanks for the recommendation!

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