tailor-made Watamu trips can include a dhow sundowner ride

Tailor-Made Watamu Trips & 52 Pictures of Good Eats, Cityscapes & Water Environments in East Africa

This post was originally a compilation of some of the best East African pictures on my Instagram profile. Since many of you come to this post searching for information on “tailor-made Watamu trips”, though, I have updated this post to include information about that too. So jumping right in…

Tailor Made Vacations Kenyan Coast

Tailor-Made Watamu Trips: Where Is Watamu?

location of watamu for tailor-made Watamu trips

Watamu is a small town located approximately 105 kilometers north of Mombasa and 15 kilometers south of Malindi on Kenya’s coast.

It lies on a small headland between the Blue Lagoon and Watamu Bay.

The main economic activities in Watamu are tourism and fishing. The town has a population of around 1,900 and is part of Kilifi County.

Tailor-Made Watamu Trips: What Is There to See and Do in Watamu?

Watamu is best known for Watamu Marine National Park, a spectacular coral reef alive with tropical fish that’s only a short boat ride, or energetic swim at low tide, from Watamu’s shore.

Mida Creek, a tidal creek in Watamu that is surrounded by extensive mangroves and lined with palms, is a wonderful place for a quiet day trip as the mud flats and mangroves are home to a multitude of birds.

You may like to wander into Watamu village for a spot of shopping or take a trip to the Gedi Ruins, a mysteriously abandoned Swahili city.

Tailor-Made Watamu Trips can include visits to gedi ruins
Gedi Ruins

Tailor-Made Watamu Trips: Getting to Watamu

Getting to Watamu is easy.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi is a major hub for international airlines and, from there, it is an easy 45-minute flight to Malindi airport on the coast.

There are daily flights available with Kenya Airways, Jambojet, AirKenya and Fly 540.

The flight is very scenic, passing over the expanse of Tsavo East and Tsavo West national parks en route to the descent on Malindi, which lies on the Indian Ocean.

Watamu is just 30 minutes from Malindi Airport and a taxi from Malindi to Watamu will cost between 2,000-3,000 Kenya shillings (around $25-35).

On tailor-made Watamu trips, you can stay at Lily Palm resort

Alternatively pre-book a transfer through your hotel.

Tailor-Made Watamu Trips: Getting to Watamu via Mombasa

You can also fly from Nairobi to the coastal city of Mombasa.

The 90-minute drive from Mombasa International Airport to Watamu is a scenic drive along the coast passing through sisal plantations and crossing beautiful Kilifi Creek.

A taxi from Mombasa to Watamu will cost around 6,000-8,000 Ksh (around $70-$90).

tailor-made Watamu may take you driving past Kilifi Creek
Kilifi Creek

For great deals on flights to Malindi or Mombasa (from where you can drive to Watamu), enter your travel details in the form below and see what is available!

Tailor-Made Watamu Trips: Navigating Watamu

If your trip to Watamu is tailor-made, then chances are your transportation around Watamu will also be covered.

For the record, though, getting around Watamu is fairly easy.

Taxis are available locally at affordable rates. They can be booked through your hotel, from the staff at rental houses, or called from restaurants.

Bikes can be hired locally and are a fantastic way to explore the surrounding area.

You can also explore Watamu on foot via the beaches or through town.

You can walk on the beach during tailor-made Watamu trips

Tailor-Made Watamu Trips: Where to Stay in Watamu

Watmu has a wide range of good accommodation options ranging from luxury resorts, villas, fully staffed private homes for rental, specialized retreats and everything in between.

Two places often recommended by tour operators who offer tailer-made Watamu trips are Hemingways Watamu and Medina Palms.

Hemingways Watmu is a recommended hotel on many tailor-made Watamu trips
Hemingways Watamu

To see other great accommodation options in Watamu, go here.

If you are specifically interested in finding deals on accommodation in Watamu, check them out below.

What Are Tailor-Made Watamu Trips?

Tailor-made Watamu trips are trips that are specifically designed for you and/or your travel party.

The benefits of booking a Watamu trip tailor-made just for you include:

    • your entire holiday being designed around your requirements,
    • getting to explore your interests at your own speed,
    • being able to select your preferred style of accommodation, and
    • allowing you to make the most of your time and budget.
Tailor-made Watamu trips can include Yoga classes
Yoga in Watamu

Through Whom Can You Book Tailor-Made Watamu Trips?

Quite a few tour and travel operators, such as Audley Travel, offer tailor-made Watamu trips.

Tailor-Made Watamu Trips: Activities to Do

Some activities that you can partake in on tailor-made Watamu trips include:

    • deep sea and fly fishing
    • dhow and dolphin cruises
    • kite surfing
    • PADI-certified diving
    • golfing
    • taking a safari to nearby Tsavo National Park or the Masaai Mara

tailor-made trips in Watamu can include kite surfing

Tailor-Made Watamu Trips: Share Your Experience

Have ever been on a tailor-made trip to Watamu? If so, do you have tips and recommendations to share with others? If you do, please share them in a comment below. Thank you! 🙂

Tailor Made Vacations Zanzibar

Planning a trip for yourself to Zanzibar is fairly easily because the island is small and there is so much documentation about what to do there, where to stay, where to eat, etc. in Zanzibar. In fact, you can find all my Zanzibar-related content here.

Still sometimes you want to take out all the hassle of planning your holiday and have someone else handle all the details based on the things you like and want to experience in a certain locale.

2 People Lazing on the beach in Zanzibar

Here are three operators through whom you can organize tailor made Zanzibar vacations:

Tailor Made Vacations Kenya

There are many interesting places to visit in Kenya beyond the Kenyan coast.

To get an idea of what there is to see once you are in Kenya, or to make the most of your stay there by visiting several locations, you might like to have a tailor made trip designed specially for you and your interests.

Here are some reputable tour and travel operators who can put together such a trip for you:

Original Post:

Every now and then, I share pictures with you in a post. That is what I would like to do today!

What can you expect to find in this set of pictures?

Lots of food photos, some skylines, water environments, of course, because I love hanging out near water and, unusually, quite a few photos of me.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, sorry for the repetition: I promise I am only sharing the best of my Instagram gallery, though.

I hope you like them.

Without further ado, here goes…

No. 52: Crafts at the Ndere Centre in Kampala, Uganda

Wooden giraffes at the craft store/gift shop at the wonderful Ndere Cultural Centre in Kampala, Uganda.

Did you know that the collective noun for giraffes is actually ‘tower’? In other words, a group of giraffes is more accurately called a ‘tower of giraffes’. Aptly named, no?

Now you know!

READ ALSO: 8 Instagram Photos: Tanzania, Nature & The Ocean

Nos. 51 – 45: Chilling in Tanzania

Sunset…at The Beach Club in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Go to bit.ly/39Pics to see more beautiful pictures taken at sunset across East Africa and lots more.

Peaceful calm on the island of Mbudya, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

For more pictures and videos taken while visiting Mbudya Island, go to bit.ly/DarSunsets.

When you invite guests over for dinner and they show up with loads of wine, an assortment of cheese and cold cuts, AND fresh strawberries for apéritifs.

Well done, baby bro, I done taught you well! 😉 #SiblingTimeIsTheBestTime a.k.a. #DoNotGoShoppingHungry 🤣😂

About to set sail from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam.

Will you be visiting Zanzibar soon and are wondering where to stay when you are there? If so, check out bit.ly/ZanziB.

Seafood, anyone? When I need a proper seafood fix in Dar es Salaam or have guests from out of town who want to eat from the abundance of the ocean, my go-to dish is this seafood platter for two served at Karambezi Cafe. It will have your eyes rolling into the back of your head!

Go to bit.ly/Karambezi to find out more about this beautiful oceanside Dar es Salaam café.

Stained glass windows at Christ Church Anglican cathedral in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Christ Church was built on the site of Zanzibar’s former slave market to celebrate the end of slavery in the archipelago.

Go to bit.ly/ZanzibarTips to find out more about what there is to see, do, and experience on the history-rich island of Zanzibar.

The view of Msasani Bay from The Beach Club in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Go to bit.ly/CoralBeachSunset and then scroll about half way down to see more pictures taken from this same location.

No. 44. College Residence

The other day, my friend sent me this picture because she happened to be at a place where she visited me 22 years ago for Spring Break during my freshman year at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

This hall, McConnell Hall, is adjacent to the one I lived in, Molson Hall (💃🏿💃🏿), but it was this sight– seeing McConnell Hall–that made one breathe a sigh of relief after the steep, unforgiving daily climb up Mount Royal from campus to Upper Residence.

After this, the incline flattened out and you knew the worst was behind you.

Thanks, @LilRushe, for this trip down memory lane.

If you will be visiting McGill University soon (especially as the school year begins) and are looking for a place to stay, go to bit.ly/McGillU.

No. 43: Downtown Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam, the abode/house/haven of peace in Arabic, is Tanzania’s largest (and most happening) city.

Pictured here is downtown Dar es Salaam with its iconic twin towers of the Bank of Tanzania to the far right. Picture taken from Akemi revolving restaurant.

Will you be visiting Dar es Salaam soon? If so, where do you plan to stay? Not sure? Then check out some great options at bit.ly/DarHotels.

Nos. 42 & 41: Adventures Outside Tanzania

Oh, what I would do to be seated in front of these plates again today. #TakeMeBackTuesday

Attiéké Poisson (Ivorian fermented grated cassava and fried fish) at Mama Ashanti in Nairobi, Kenya.

Go to bit.ly/ShowAndTell5 for more pictures taken at Mama Ashanti Kenya and other eateries across East Africa.

When your (extended) family decides to go on a fun daytrip together: just because we can! #FamilyTimeIsTheBestTime

Where were we headed? To spend the day at the relaxing Lakeside Escape in Mukono, Uganda.

Age group on this trip? 9 to 70….and boy, did we have fun! (This was only half the boat with more family on the other side.)

Go to bit.ly/39Pics to see more pictures from this same excursion. #TakeMeBackTuesday

Nos. 40 – 39: Dar es Salaam

Snapper-filled saffron potato…the perfect two-bite amuse-gueule to start a delectable meal at The Africana Grill at the Ramada Resort Dar es Salaam in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Did I say I thought the food at Ramada was touch-and-go?

After dining at The Africana Grill there, I am rethinking my opinion.

Go to bit.ly/19Photos for more pictures taken at the delightful Ramada Resort Dar es Salaam.

The sun sets as I take an evening stroll with my nephew @F.e.n.g.a.l.i. Neph, it was real. We need to do a repeat. 🙂

Go to bit.ly/SunsetLakeMtKili for more pics of beautiful sunsets taken across East Africa.

No. 38: Wedding Things, Kampala, Uganda

Before everyone gets there…pre-wedding things at Lake Breeze B&B in Kampala, Uganda.

If you are looking for a garden venue with a view, the garden at Lake Breeze B&B might be just what you are looking for.

For more information, contact Lake Breeze B&B‘s manager Dorothy (Email: [email protected], Tel: +256-772-508866 [Whatsapp also], +256-700-522650). You can also find them on Facebook here.

Nos. 37 – 34: More Tanzania Pics

The upside-down pillars of Christ Church Anglican cathedral in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

The Anglican cathedral in Stone Town, built on the site of Zanzibar’s former slave market, was built to celebrate the end of slavery in Zanzibar.

The construction of the cathedral was overseen by the then-bishop of Zanzibar, Bishop Steere, and purposely sought to give former slaves employment by hiring them to construct the church.

One day, Bishop Steere was called away for work only to come back and find that these pillars had been put in upside down.

It was a mistake that was never rectified and can still be seen today.

Go to bit.ly/ZanzibarTips to find out more about what there is to see, do, and experience on the history-rich island of Zanzibar.

Keeping in the same vein….strollers on the beach, Mahaba Beach, Ununio, Dar es Salaam.

For more videos and pictures taken at Mahaba Beach, go to bit.ly/InstagramRecap13.

Grilled jumbo prawns and ginger crab at G’eez Hangout in Mbezi, Dar es Salaam.

Remember this meal, @Mungai254?

Pure deliciousness…enough to make us fight over how we were going to split 3 prawns between 2 people (the math seems fairly simple but the deliciousness had us pretending that there was more than one logical way to do it. 🤣😁😂)

Crepuscule outside the same window shot from a different angle. Oh, what a joy to look outside my window this time of year!

For more beautiful sunset skies across East Africa, go to bit.ly/SunsetLakeMtKili.

No. 33: Flying Kenya Airways

Flying the skies with Kenya Airways. Who do you normally fly with when you are flying African skies? For me, more often than not, it’s Kenya Airways. Why? Go to bit.ly/KenyaAirways2 to find out why.

Nos. 32 & 31: Yum Yum

Pure mishkaki (beef skewer) goodness at one of my favourite spots to hang out at: Samaki-Samaki in Masaki, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Samaki is the Swahili word for fish so Samaki-Samaki, as its name suggests, is all about fish and seafood at its best.

Still, not to have fish along with alcohol on a party night, I opted to go for these beef skewers instead. I swear to God they almost made my eyes roll back in my head because they were that good!

Go to bit.ly/SamakiSamaki to find out what people have to say about this great mainstay of the Dar es Salaam social scene.

As I said, Swahili feast…

Go to bit.ly/ZanzibarTips to find out more about things to do when visiting Stone Town in Zanzibar.

No. 30: Evening Drinks, Dar es Salaam

Evening jazz and things at Cape Town Fish Market in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In case you are unclear about what hashtag to use when referring to this establishment, it’s #CTFMTZ, as clearly indicated at its entrance.

Brilliant social media marketing, @CTFMTZ!

Go to bit.ly/CTFMTZ to find out what people are saying about this swank oceanfront Dar es Salaam restaurant.

No. 29: Views from The Peak, Hong Kong

I once got lost walking around Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. What began as a search for an address on Old Peak Road, ended up being a long, meandering (somewhat physically taxing but most delightful) walk from about the point where this picture was taken all the way to downtown Hong Kong, or basically the bottom of the skyscrapers you see here.

The path included an enchanting paved trail through a forested area with amazing views of the city of Hong Kong and charming details like markers showing the boundaries of the city at different points in history.

Unbeknownst to me, I had chanced upon a popular Hong Kong hiking trail that ended up being one of the most delightful experiences of my life.

If ever you are in Hong Kong and are not averse to physical activity for leisure, then I highly recommend walking (down – not up) this trail.

If you will be visiting Hong Kong soon and are interested in accommodation on or around Victoria Peak, go to bit.ly/OldPeakRoad.

Nos. 28 – 26: Around Dar es Salaam

Rush hour along Barack Obama Drive in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. When it comes to rush hour, you could do much worse than rush hour with a view like this!

Whenever I am having sushi, I’ll often gravitate towards any salmon avocado combination that is on the menu. Did you know that unlike most sushi, salmon sushi does not originate from Japan?

Yes, salmon was never eaten raw in Japan until recently because of fears of parasitic worms. The majority of rolls using salmon are created and tailored to western tastes, as is apparent when you hear the name of the most popular salmon sushi rolls and their ingredients.

Sushi from Osaka/Seoul Garden in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Go to bit.ly/OsakaDar to find out more about this amazing Japanese/Korean cuisine restaurant in Dar es Salaam.

Parked boats, Mahaba Beach, Dar es Salaam.

For more videos and pictures taken at Mahaba Beach, especially of the amazing fare you can get there, go to bit.ly/InstagramRecap13.

No. 25: A Milk Pot, Uganda

If I were to choose one artefact that embodies my mother’s culture for me, it would have to be this: a wooden milk pot known as ‘ekyanzi’.

As explained by my mother: “This pot is called ekyanzi, a wooden ‘jug‘ used by the Banyankore [from southwestern Uganda] to carry and store fresh milk.

A kyanzi is used not only to receive milk directly from a cow when it is being milked but also to drink milk out of.

When one needs to carry milk for some distance, a sisal knitted ‘bag’, known as ekiteeko, is used to carry the kyanzi, as shown in this picture.

Sometimes, if the kyanzi is not being used regularly, then it can also be hung in ekiteeko, as it is here.”

This kyanzi was seen in the gift shop of the Ndere Cultural Centre in Kampala, Uganda, home to my favourite cultural activity in Kampala.

Go to bit.ly/Ndere to find out more about what there is to see, do, and above all EXPERIENCE at Kampala’s delightful Ndere Centre.

(Note: I use ekyanzi and kyanzi interchangeably because the e– prefix acts as an article which doesn’t make sense if there is an English article already being used before the word.)

No. 24—21: Snapshots of Tanzania

Blue hour outside my window, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

For more pictures of beautiful evening skies across East Africa, go to bit.ly/SunsetLakeMtKili.

Finger lickin’ good barbecue chicken, farm sausages, and beef mishkaki (beef skewers) at On Point BBQ Kitchen in Mbezi, Dar es Salaam.

For more pictures of food at On Point BBQ Kitchen and elsewhere in East Africa, go to bit.ly/ShowAndTell5.

When you can’t decide what to have so you have it all: the avocado salad, duck pizza, AND the club sandwich.

Hanging out on the rooftop of the Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The Kilimanjaro.

To find out more about, or book your stay at, this premier Dar es Salaam hotel, go to bit.ly/TheKilimanjaro.

Looking out over Kemondo Bay in Tanzania‘s northwestern region of Kagera. This picture was taken in an area called Kanazi, not far from the seat of the former Haya Kingdom of Kihanja (from which I descend).

If Google Maps is correct, the island in this picture is called Kishaka Island.

Go to bit.ly/39Pics and scroll all the way to the end from some stunning pictures of Lake Victoria and another one of its islands in this part of Tanzania.

No. 20: Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda

One of my favourite Ugandan national parks is Lake Mburo National Park in southwestern Uganda.

Although the animals at this park are mostly herbivores, the variety of those is truly spectacular.

At Lake Mburo National Park, I saw eland, waterbuck, and topi for the first time.

Here, a line of zebra graze at Lake Mburo National Park.

Go to bit.ly/LakeMburo to find out more about what there is to see, do, and experience at this gem of a Ugandan Park.

Nos. 19 – 16: More Photos of Tanzania

Getting ready for a Swahili feast at the Tea House restaurant atop the Emerson on Hurumzi hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Go to bit.ly/ZanzibarTips to find out more about what not to miss when you are visiting Zanzibar.

Breaking out bubbly on an ordinary day. (@E_A_Foodie & @Mungai254, I am learning! 🙂 ) This Spanish dry sparkling wine is super light and refreshing.

Go to geni.us/Bubbly to find out more about (or buy), this pocket-friendly, popular sparkling wine often referred to as the “black bottle bubbly“.

An aerial view of downtown Dar es Salaam, Tanzania taken from Akemi revolving restaurant, this time facing the Dar es Salaam harbour with the Port of Dar es Salaam off in the distance.

Go to bit.ly/39Pics for some more aerial pics of downtown Dar es Salaam taken from this same location.

Chocolate salami and vanilla ice cream at G’eez Hangout in Mbezi, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

What is chocolate salami?

Chocolate salami is an originally Portuguese and Italian dessert made from cocoa, broken biscuits, butter, eggs and a bit of port wine or rum.

The dessert became popular across Europe and elsewhere in the world, often losing alcohol as an ingredient along the way. (Yes, to the best of my knowledge, this one did not contain any alcohol. Shucks! ?)

Chocolate salami is not a meat product! The appellation “salami” stems from how it looks.

Like salami, chocolate salami is formed as a long cylinder and is sliced across into discs for serving.

The discs are a brown, chocolaty matrix (like the red meat of salami) peppered with bright bits of cookie (like the white flecks of fat in salami).

Now you know!

Nos. 15 – 12: Hotels, Cityscapes, and Sunsets in Tanzania

Looking up the inner courtyard of Jafferji House, a beautiful boutique hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Go to bit.ly/ZanzibarTips for my best tips on what to do, see, and experience when you are visiting the enchanting island of Zanzibar.

When you are at home going about your business, only to look out the window and catch a sunset like this. Oh, the pleasure of simple everyday things!

I used to post a lot more sunsets on Instagram than I do now. To see more beautiful sunsets taken across East Africa, go to bit.ly/SunsetLakeMtKili.

Dar es Salaam‘s Embassy Row and more (including the Southern Sun Dar es Salaam hotel Blue Book Now Button), seen from Akemi revolving restaurant in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Go to bit.ly/39Pics for more great aerial pics of downtown Dar es Salaam shot from this same location.

Evening falls over the Indian Ocean at Mahaba Beach in Ununio, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Go to bit.ly/InstagramRecap13 for more pictures and videos taken at the lovely Mahaba Beach.

No. 11: Thank you, What A Woman Afrika!

Thank you for the honor, @WAWAfrika!

#Repost @wawafrika


Joyful. Africanist. Outside-the-box-thinker. Popularly called Biche @ChickAboutTown . Lifestyle and Travel blogger. Her strong innovative ideas has given her a global recognition, propelling her to tell great stories about Africa. We love you!!! Welcome to the list. #whatawoman #chickabouttowndotcom #enterpreneurs #africanwomenbusinesses #gogirl #femalebloggers #work #eastafrica

Nos. 10 – 7: Chick About Tanzania

Early morning on a mid-week day trip to Zanzibar. Can you “see” the wind blowing? It was totally delightful!

Go to bit.ly/ZanzibarTips for my tips on what to see, do, and experience when you are visiting Zanzibar.


Throwing down on some DELICIOUS Jamaican food at Kingston8 in Masaki, Dar es Salaam with my sister-girl @MamaMayaK. What was I having? Curry goat, rice and peas, plantains…and I cleared every morsel of food on my plate!

Back to churches in Zanzibar, here is another picture of St. Joseph’s (Catholic) Cathedral in Stone Town, this time with it famous twin spires modeled on the twin spires of the Mareseille Cathedral in France. #NoFilter

Go to bit.ly/ZanzibarTips for my best tips on what to do, see, and experience when you are visiting Zanzibar.

Happy Monday y’all! 🙂

No. 6: Stellar Service in Nairobi

Nairobi never ceases to amaze me!

I ordered this book online from The Nest Collective on a Friday while I was visiting Nairobi. I was scheduled to leave on Monday, and the only address I could put for a delivery address was the guesthouse where I was staying. BUT…I had to be there when the book was delivered because my chosen mode of payment was cash on delivery, and yet I had NO plan of spending my weekend in Nairobi indoors waiting for an order to be delivered.

I emailed The Nest Collective asking if there was any chance I could pick up the book from a physical location some time over the weekend and then went off for lunch.

Before I was through with lunch, I got a call from The Nest Collective telling me they were ready to deliver my order.

I told them that I wasn’t at the address I had specified online and was instead somewhere having lunch. I asked if perhaps they might be able to make my delivery there.

Surprise, surprise, within a few minutes the book was in my hands!

‘Nuff respect to you, The Nest Collective. From online order to product delivered in under two hours despite moving goal posts. I was very impressed!

Nos. 5 – 1: Me

Looking out from the breathtaking Kazuma Lookout Point at Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda.

From here you can see Lake Mburo and eight other lakes near it…undoubtedly my favourite place inside the national park…though boating on Lake Mburo comes a close second!!

Go to bit.ly/LakeMburo to find out more about what there is to see, do, and experience in Uganda’s lovely Lake Mburo National Park.

Is that the Business Insider logo in this picture above my head? It sure is! How come? Because yours truly made it into Business Insider earlier this month (this is a screenshot) in an article about how people around the world spend their summer vacation. Want to read it? No sweat. Simply go to bit.ly/SummerVacTravel. Enjoy!

So I turn around and realize someone’s been taking pictures all along…I go with the flow and strike a pose! 🙂

Hanging out at Kazuma Lookout Point, Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda.

Go to bit.ly/LakeMburo to find out more about this charming little park in southwestern Uganda.

Sisters make the world go round. My sister-girls take me out for a last night of fun before I leave Kampala, Uganda. First stop? Holy Crêpe.

Go to bit.ly/KololoHill for a picture of the view at night from this delicious Ugandan crêperie.

If you scroll a little further down that post, you’ll see what the hullabaloo regarding their crêpes is all about.

A quick selfie to check if the big hair was sufficiently tamed before I went to meet my friend @AtienoJanetOnyango.

Sister-girl, it was a pleasure catching up with you. I am looking forward to the next time! 🙂

Yes, girls will be girls…and for whatever reason, we are really into hair.

You can find all hair-related posts on my blog here.


So there you go, folks. That’s a bit of what I have been posting on my Instagram gallery recently. I hope you enjoyed these pictures.

Until the next time,


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Photo Credits: Hemingways Collection, Blue-Fin Diving, Filip Lachowski, South Rift Galaxy Safaris, Bakhi Safaris & Adventures, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Journeys by Design, Hemingways Collection, Go Volunteer Africa

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