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33 Pictures Taken at Rudy’s Farm & Other Interesting Places in East Africa

This post is about eating and travelling across East Africa in places such as Rudy’s Farm in Dar es Salaam.

I hope you like it!

Before I get to that, though, let me tell you a little bit about Rudy’s Farm, one of my favorite places to spend the day on a weekend or public holiday in Dar es Salaam.

Rudy’s Farm, Dar es Salaam

Rudy’s Farm is a bar and grill located in the Bahari Beach area of Dar es Salaam, not far from Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach Hotel.

The Grill at Rudy's Farm

It’s is best known for the delicious grilled fare it offers. Although, that in itself is well worth the drive out to Rudy’s farm, I also love the easy breezy atmosphere at the establishment.

Rudy’s Farm was initially only an outdoor establishment, but it now also has a built-up covered area.

Rudy’s Farm initially only opened on weekends and public holidays, I believe, but as Dar es Salaam continues to expand outwards and Bahari Beach becomes more populated, Rudy’s Farm now opens every day until 11 p.m.

Food at Rudy’s Farm

So…what should you eat when you visit Rudy’s Farm?

First and foremost, do not miss out on their homemade sausages. Those are stunning!

I also personally love their pork chops. For me, the pork chops at Rudy’s Farm are the closest thing to Uganda-style grilled pork that I have ever had in Tanzania. They never fail to satisfy my craving for this kind of grilled pork after I haven’t been to Uganda in a while, and my visitors from Uganda concur.

Their grilled chicken is also noteworthy if you are not a pork lover.

All in all, the food at Rudy’s Farm is excellent, so don’t hesitate to try anything on the menu that tickles your fancy.

I have been going to Rudy’s Farm for years, and I have yet to taste anything there that is not very, very good.

What is your favorite thing to eat at Rudy’s Farm? Please let me know in a comment below.

Seoul Garden Dar es Salaam

Teppan Fire, Osaka, Dar es SalaamA flaming teppan. Having teppanyaki at Osaka/Seoul Garden in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Go to to find out more about this amazing Japanese & Korean food restaurant in Dar es Salaam.

Sunday Brunch in Zanzibar

When I think of a good first meal of the day in Stone Town, Zanzibar, the first thing that comes to mind is the sumptuous breakfast at the Zanzibar Serena Hotel.

The Zanzibar Serena in Stone Town
Outdoor dining at The Zanzibar Serena Hotel

This doesn’t happen only on Sundays but every day of the week and is open to everyone, not just overnight guests of the hotel.

The breakfast, which has so many options that it might as well be brunch, is such a great experience that I have been known to fly across the Zanzibar Channel from Dar es Salaam early in morning to make it there for a breakfast date (true story!).

Other than the Zanzibar Serena, you can also have a good Sunday brunch/breakfast in Stone Town at:

Hi, you. How are you today? I hope you are well.

Today, let’s get a little visual.

I’d like to take you through a picture show.

A picture show of what? A picture show about eating and travelling through several East African locales spanning three countries.

Are you up for the ride?

If so, let’s begin.

Dining and Adventuring in Dar es Salaam & Zanzibar

Creamy Mussels, Cape Town Fish MarketI was so looking forward to digging into this beautiful bowl of creamy mussels—I was in the only place that I know of in Dar es Salaam where mussels are on the menu—but it was SUCH a disappointment, including that the mussels didn’t taste fresh.

That’s such a shame, @CTFMTZ. When you first opened, your creamy mussels were delicious! ?

Go to to see what other people have to say about Cape Town Fish Market in Dar es Salaam.

Bath robes and bath tub, Kasha Boutique Hotel, Matemwe, ZanzibarBath time, Kasha Boutique Hotel, Matemwe, ZanzibarBlue Book Now Button. Want to know how my girlfriends and I ended up in such a beautiful place? I tell you all about it at

Cross in Church, ZanzibarLooks like any old cross, right? Yes, except the sign at the bottom of this cross reads:

“This crucifix made from the wood of the tree under which Dr. Livingstone died at Chitambo village Ilala, Zambia in 1873, and under which his heart buried.

Presented to the Diocese of Zanzibar by H.L. In 1901.”

This cross is located in the Anglican Church in Stone Town, famous for having been built on the site of Zanzibar’s former slave market. #HistoryBooksComeToLife

Go to to find out more about what there is to do, see, and experience in historical Stone Town, Zanzibar.

A Fountain, Park Hyatt ZanzibarA water fountain at the Park Hyatt Zanzibar in Stone Town. Blue Book Now Button

Go to for more tips on what to see and do when you are visiting Zanzibar.

Jalapeño Popper at Veranda Tapas Bar Dar es SalaamJalapeño poppers stuffed with corn and cheese: the perfect bite of crunchy, spicy, creamy goodness.

Go to to find out more about what you can expect to find at @VerandaTapasBar in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Focaccia at Hamu, Dar es SalaamChicken-filled home-baked focaccia at @HamuRestaurant in Masaki, Dar es Salaam. And since I was drinking rosé wine, you guessed it: I was dining with @E_A_Foodie.

Go to to see what people are saying about this new-ish Dar es Salaam restaurant.

Whipping Post circle and Alter, Slave Market, ZanzibarOn the site of Zanzibar’s former slave market now stands Christ Church, an Anglican Cathedral built in celebration of the legal end of slavery in Zanzibar.

The altar of the cathedral stands on the location of the former slave market’s whipping post, where the enslaved were tied and whipped to see how strong they were.

Those who did not cry or faint sold for a higher price.

The white marble circle on the floor in front of the altar marks the exact location of the tree that was used as a whipping post. The white(ish) circle is surrounded by red marble to symbolise the blood of the enslaved.

Go to to find out more about what there is to see, do, and experience in the historical town of Stone Town, Zanzibar.

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Birthday Cake 2018 from Shoppers Plaza Kahawa CaféBirthday cake this year was from @ShoppersKahawaCafe. Not only was this chocolate hazelnut cake pretty but also very delicious. I was impressed, @ShoppersKahawaCafe!

But note: I started to cut the cake before blowing out the candles. Hahaha…age is slowly but surely creeping up on me!🤣

Last year, at least, I had the presence of mind to blow out the candles first. I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

Best Mojito in Dar es Salaam, Salt RestaurantThe best mojito I have had of late in Dar es Salaam. Where from? @Salt_RestaurantTz

Want to learn how to make yourself a mean mojito? Then watch the video in this post.

Lunching in Nairobi, Kenya

Steak at Sierra Brasserie, NairobiWhenever I am in Nairobi, I invariably stop by Sierra Brasserie at Yaya Centre for a delicious, hearty outdoor lunch.

For more on the great things Nairobi’s classic Yaya Centre has to offer, go to 🙂

Adventuring around Tanzania

Skulls on Log, Ndabaka gate, SerengetiAnimal fossils outside the Ndabaka Gate of the Serengeti National Park. Go to to read about my experiences the first time I ever visited the Serengeti.

Low Tide at Waterworld, Dar es SalaamI grew up on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, which is rough and tough and not a body of water you play with. My biggest surprise when I first experienced the East African shores of the Indian Ocean was just how far into the Ocean one could go relatively safely.

Here, at low tide, it is fairly easy to see why. The floor of the East African shore of the Indian Ocean (as far as I have experienced), is mostly flat land that goes and goes almost as far as you can see.

Here, I was wading out into the Ocean to get on a boat to take me to the island of Mbudya. I was glad the tide was so low, concluding I would get to the boat without getting my clothes very wet.

Yeah, whatever. By the time I got to the boat, I was up to my thighs in water…as usual! 🤦🏿‍♀️

Go to for more pictures and videos taken while visiting Mbudya.

Sunset in Kampala

Sunset 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant, KampalaThe sun sets over the City of 7 Hills (Kampala, Uganda), viewed from the 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant atop Kampala’s Golf Course Hotel.

Go to to see some delicious food I ate at this unique Kampala restaurant.

Back to Tanzania

RacletteWhen your friends are just posh like that so you get invited to theirs for a raclette dinner.

What is a raclette dinner?

The word ‘raclette’ is both the name of a type of Swiss cheese and the name of the dish itself.

At home, a raclette meal is served using a table-top grill, like the one in this photo. The cheese is melted in small pans called ‘coupelles’, which are placed under the heating element. The grill plate is used to cook meat and vegetables.

You can customise the meal to your liking and serve the melted raclette cheese with whatever you like.

Thank you, dear friend, for a lovely, lovely dinner. It was lots of fun and a night to remember. 🙂

Caption credit: @EatLittleBird

Darker Sunset, Thai Kani, The SlipwayThe sun sets over Msasani Bay in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Go to for more pictures of sunsets in Dar es Salaam & across East Africa.

Snake Island / Pangavini Island, Dar es SalaamPangavini Island, or as it is known colloquially, Snake Island, is an uninhabited island about 1.5 km off Dar es Salaam‘s coast.

Where was I headed?

Mbudya Island, a gorgeous island NOT infested by snakes, lizards, and rats. 🤣😁😂

For more pictures and videos taken while sailing to Mbudya, go to

Fish Chips and Lobster at Mbudya - Mom's Birthday

Because of all the seafood pictures I post on Instagram, I often get asked for a recommendation on where to get good seafood in Dar es Salaam. I have two standard replies, one of which is on the island of Mbudya, which also happens to make for a great day trip.

Here, I was sharing a plate with a special someone, on her birthday, who was visiting Mbudya for the first time. She was enjoying the food so much that she urged me to take out my phone and snap more pictures.

So there you go, folks: a half-eaten AMAZING grilled fish—straight from the ocean onto our plate via the grill—fantastic cumin-spiced lobster (yes, cumin…unusual but it works…really WELL), and the crispiest French fries.

If ever you are in Dar, and are a lover of seafood (especially in beautiful environments), check out Mbudya. You can thank me later.

If you would like to see more pictures or videos taken on a trip to Mbudya, go to

Prawns at Mediterraneo, Dar es SalaamPerfect tiger prawns. Where from? Mediterraneo Restaurant in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Go to to read my thoughts on this beautiful restaurant on Dar es Salaam’s Indian Ocean shore.

Nyama choma at Rudy's FarmWhen I have a nyama choma (Swahili for grilled meat) craving in Dar es Salaam, I invariably go to one of two places: Didi’s or Rudy’s Farm (which is where I was for this meal). Their grilled pork sausage is everything!

Their pork chops are the closest thing I can get to Uganda-style grilled pork (which is simply legendary) in Dar. Generally, their food is outstanding, with one exception: their T-bone steak. Avoid their T-bone steak…

See more pictures of food at Rudy’s Farm at

The view from 6 Degrees South ZanzibarThe view from 6° South, Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Go to to find out more about what there is to see and do on the magical island of Zanzibar.

A lone zebra in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania. Go to to find out all you need to know about visiting the Ngorongoro Crater.

Beautiful sunlight in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

“…and behold, a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my beloved [land] with [which] I am well pleased.’"

The sun beams down over the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

Go to for more stunning pictures and videos taken in the Serengeti National Park.

Orange Sunset, Thai Kani, The Slipway Dar es SalaamThe sun sets over Msasani Bay in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. #NoFilter

Go to for other pictures of beautiful Dar es Salaam sunsets.

Expanse, Ngorongoro Crater, TanzaniaExpanse, Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Go to to find out all you need to know about visiting Tanzania’s amazing Ngorongoro Crater.

Pizza at Hyatt Regency, The Kilimanjaro Dar es SalaamAfter a hectic afternoon of fabric shopping, time to rebuild strength with a duck, goat cheese, and green apple pizza (and sundowners of course ?), at Level 8, overlooking Dar es Salaam’s harbour.

Go to to see the view by night from this same beautiful outdoor rooftop deck.

Seafood platter at Karambezi Cafe Dar es SalaamThe only thing better than this amazing seafood platter and the environment in which it was served, was the company in which I was eating it.

I hadn’t seen her in 18 years. We lived in the same hall during our first year in college. She was my best male friend’s college girlfriend. Then suddenly, she was in my city all the way from New York.

It was a true, true delight in all ways! (@KarambeziCafe, I am still waiting for my complimentary crab claws!)

Go to to know where you too can find such an awesome seafood platter in Dar es Salaam.

Anat & I, Cape Town Fish Market, Dar es SalaamWe’d known each other pretty much our whole lives but hadn’t seen each other in 20 years as our lives took us to very different parts of the globe. And then suddenly, we’d both be in the same city at the same time. Damn, @ForliTigress, it was SUCH a great pleasure catching up with you again. I can’t wait till the next time you’re back in town! 🙂

Headed to Nairobi, Kenya

enya Airways Sunset in the SkySunset in the skies. What airline was I flying? Why @OfficialKenyaAirways of course. Go to to hear my thoughts on the airline that tags itself “The Pride of Africa“.

Perfectly fried fish, Mama Ashanti, KenyaPerfectly fried fish. Where? @MamaAshantiKenya. The only thing better than perfectly fried fish, is perfectly fried fish in a beautiful environment (and in good company). Go to to find out more about this amazing West African restaurant in Nairobi.

Bizarre Eats That Make Everyone Go Mad

Christmas Senene in hand(This picture received 475 likes, and 20 comments on Instagram!)

The beauty of senene season–senene is a type of bush cricket/long-horned grasshopper considered a delicacy in parts of East Africa–is having your loved ones who live in parts where senene is harvested sending you some so that you don’t miss out on the season.

As a Muhaya, from northwestern Tanzania, living in Dar es Salaam, come senene season, I receive senene in all forms.

This particular batch of senene, given to me by niece Lucy, was some of the most delicious I ate this past senene season.

Although, the wings and legs of these senene had not been removed (so made for a weird feeling in the back of my throat), they had been smoked, reminding me of back in the day when all the senene I ate would have stayed months over my grandmother’s or aunts’ hearth waiting for my Dad and his family to visit from abroad.

Absolutely delicious!

Go to to see more love-through-senene that I received this past senene season.

Matemwe, Zanzibar

Swimming Pool, Kasha Boutique Hotel, Matemwe, ZanzibarMemories of Sunday in Zanzibar #NoFilter Blue Book Now Button

Go to to find out more about what there is to see, do, and experience on the beautiful island of Zanzibar.


Palm tree and Ocean, Kasha Boutique Hotel, ZanzibarEveryday things in Matemwe, Zanzibar. To find out how I ended up on this particular coast of Zanzibar, go to

So there you go, folks. I hope you enjoyed my pictorial journey through East Africa. If there’s a picture that particularly meant something to you, please let me know by leaving me a comment below.

Until the next time,

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Photo Credits: Rudy’s Farm Facebook Page, Rudy’s Farm website

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