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Need to send a fax in Dar es Salaam?

When did you last send a fax?

For me, it’s been 2 years and 5 months.


The occasion? I was on a long visit to Dar es Salaam and desperately needed to fax something to Nairobi.

I didn’t expect it to be difficult, but for many days, every internet café I tried to send a fax from either had a problem with its fax line or fax machine.

Eventually, a resident of Dar es Salaam who often sends faxes decided to take me out of my misery and directed me to an internet café in Oysterbay, which he said had a rather reliable fax service.

Only then, eventually, did I manage to send my fax.

Last month, I needed to sign a contract and then send it to the United States.

The person who sent me the contract requested that it be returned by fax or as a PDF attachment to email.

Because I thought it would be much simpler to do the latter, that’s what I opted to do.

Still, I was curious about the state of faxing services in Dar.

After I had sent the contract, I decided to visit a couple of internet cafes around town to see if they offered fax services, and if so, whether these services were operational and at what price.

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I began my informal survey by visiting the internet café in Oysterbay where I had finally been able to send a fax those many years ago.

Located next to Shrijee’s Supermarket on Haile Selassie (near Maisha Club and Karibu Hotel), simply called Internet Cafe (according to the sign on the window), I found that fax services were still offered and were fully functional.

To send faxes within Dar es Salaam, the price was 1000 Tsh/page; faxes sent elsewhere in Tanzania cost 2000 Tsh/page; while faxes sent outside Tanzania cost 3000 Tsh/page. 

To receive faxes, the café charged 500 Tsh/page.

I then decided to inquire at the internet cafés at Millenium Towers, on (New) Bagamoyo Road.

At the first internet café that I visited, the one near Wheatfields Bakery, fax services were offered and were also operational.

The cost to send faxes at this internet café were: 1000 Tsh/page for faxes sent within Dar es Salaam, 1500 Tsh/page for faxes sent elsewhere in Tanzania, and 3000 Tsh/page for faxes sent outside Tanzania.

To receive faxes, the café charged 1000 TSh/page.

At the other internet café at Millennium Towers, Millennium Business Centres, there too fax services were offered and fully functional.

Faxes sent within Tanzania (both within and outside Dar es Salaam) cost 1000 Tsh/page, while faxes sent outside Tanzania cost 3500 Tsh/page.

To receive faxes, Millennium Business Centres charges 500 Tsh/page.

Because it was on my way home, I decided to stop at one more internet café before calling it a day.

The last internet café I decided to visit was Ijumba Internet Cafe, located in Mikocheni (kwa Nyerere) at the intersection of Old Bagamoyo Road and Rose Garden Road (opposite the gas station).

Here too, fax services were available and working.

The charges to send faxes were: 500 Tsh/page for faxes sent within Dar es Salaam, 1000 Tsh/page for faxes sent elsewhere in Tanzania, 1500 Tsh/page for faxes sent to the rest of East Africa, 3000 Tsh/page for faxes sent to the rest of Africa, and 3500 Tsh/page for faxes sent outside Africa.

The price to receive faxes at this internet café is 500 Tsh/page.

Now, I am in the know. I guess the next time I am asked to send a fax, I won’t fret so much and will know exactly where to go.

How about you? Do you send faxes often? If so, where do you go to send your faxes? Do you know of good East African fax services that you would like to tell others about? Last but not least, do you think faxing is a technology that is here to stay? Or rather, is it on its way out given the widespread availability of the Internet?

I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Until the next time,

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Welcome to ChickAboutTown! (Though I know you’ve visited before, I believe this is your first comment. :-)) Yep, sending a fax can be harrowing. Thank God there are so many other options available now.

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