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6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Natural Hair

Today’s guest post on natural hair is by Jill Akanshumbusha. You may have read Jill’s work before in this post she wrote about maroon hair.

Keeping hair natural is one of the most popular trends in Afro hair care today.

Women of color have wholeheartedly embraced natural hair, and many seem satisfied with their decision to wear their hair this way.

This trend has been adopted by women of all ages irrespective of hair texture: kinky or soft.

Natural hair is very versatile when it comes to styling, hence it being an interesting way to wear your hair.

You may have heard or considered in the past that natural hair is difficult to care for, but the good news is that you can easily take care of it and still enjoy every moment.

For the purpose of this post, let’s classify natural afro hair into two broad categories: soft and kinky/dry.

People with naturally dry hair need to take extra care with their maintenance routine.

Below are 6 tips which will help keep your Afro hair looking beautiful and flawless.

1. Wash your hair once a week with a good quality shampoo.

You can use warm water though cold water is recommended.

Although warm water helps open you hair’s cuticle so that shampoo and conditioner can do their job, cold water closes the cuticle and helps seals in moisture.

If you choose to wash your hair with warm water, then use cold water for your final rinse to add shine, seal in moisture, and prevent frizz.

It is advisable to use shampoos that do not contain sulphates or parabens because these chemicals can cause irritation, increase your risk for cancer and, with prolonged use, cause eye problems.

You should also choose a shampoo that suits your hair type.

Shampooing natural hair

For instance, hair with a tendency to be dry may do well with shampoos that contain glycerin, in order to restore moisture to the hair.

Glycerin, like all humectants, will help pull moisture from the surroundings into the hair and retain it.

2. After washing your hair, if you must use a hair dryer, do so at low heat.

This is because high heat is not good for the scalp and weakens hair, leading to potential breakage.

3. Don’t Dye Your Hair Too Often

Keep dye jobs to a minimum.

Most permanent hair dyes work by first stripping away the original color of your hair before depositing a new one.

This stripping away of original hair color weakens hair and can again lead to breakage.

Black Woman looking at damaged natural hair

It is also advisable to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to avoid split ends.

4. Head Wraps, Pinning Hair and Updos Are Great Ways to Style and Keep Your Natural Hair Neat

Avoid using rubber bands and overly pulling on your hair to form ponytails.

This stresses the scalp and strains hair also eventually leading to hair breakage.

5. Eat Healthy for a Healthy Head of Hair

Foods rich in proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are ideal.

Try your best to eat these foods as they will help with growing beautiful strong hair.

Avocado can even be applied directly to the hair.

To do this, simply mash some avocado and mix it with any hair oil of your choice.

Neatly apply portions of this mixture into your hair.

Be sure to get some of the mixture onto your scalp too, as avocado is well known to help revitalize the scalp.

Leave the mixture in your hair for a few hours or overnight and then wash out.

This leaves the hair nourished, soft, and easy to comb.

6. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Here are a number of products that will either moisturize your hair or help seal moisture into it, leaving your hair strong, beautiful, and easy to maintain.

These products will keep your hair moisturized and nourished for a long time.

You can find them at many beauty salons, beauty shops, shopping centers, and of course online—just click the respective links above.

They are also available in different sizes to suit every customer’s need.

Enjoy the beauty of being natural from the comfort of your home with the above tips.​​

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