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Fisherman’s Friend Tin & More About Fisherman’s Friend

This post is about the famous Fisherman’s Friend lozenges. Before I get into discussing the lozenges themselves, though, let’s discuss packaging. Specifically, let’s talk about the Fishermans Friend tin.

Fisherman’s Friend normally comes in paper packaging. The lozenges used to be and can still occasionally be bought in a reusable Fishermans Friend Tin.

Since Fisherman’s Friend lozenges were initially created so that fishermen could carry them out to sea, the metal packaging served to protect the lozenges from water.

Today, the Fishermans Friend tin is a collector’s item.

For lovers of Fishermans Friend, like me, who carry their Fisherman’s Friends everywhere, these tins can be refilled with lozenges from the regular paper packaging more common today.

This is what a Fishermans Friend tin looks like:

Fishermans Friend Tin

fishermans friend tin
Fishermans Friend Tin

Fisherman Friend Lozenges Side Effects

Given the ingredients of Fisherman’s Friend lozenges, it is possible to experience any of the following side effects:

      • Diarrhea
      • Nausea
      • Vomiting
      • Stomach upset
      • Headache
      • Feeling tired
      • Missed menstrual periods
      • Fluid retention
      • Sexual problems in men
      • Ataxia
      • Abdominal pain
      • Drowsiness
      • Contact dermatitis
      • Condition of involuntary eye movement
      • Sleep disorder
      • Coma
      • Irregularities in heart rhythm, and
      • Vertigo

It is also possible to experience side effects not listed here.

Fisherman\’s Friend Mint Lozenges

Fisherman’s Friend now comes in a variety of flavours. This is what the mint flavour of Fisherman’s Friend looks like.


Click on the image above to find out more about this particular flavour of Fisherman’s Friend.

When I “pack” my handbag before I go out every day, I recite a list of items that I want to be sure not to forget.

Without going into too many details, my current recitation goes: phone, money, swipe…(insert a few more items here that include a small tin of petroleum jelly 🙂 )mints, camera.

I am sure you can understand why I carry items such as my phone and money, but an item like mints—and Fisherman’s Friend mints at that—may baffle you a bit (as it has people who’ve seen me put my bag together in the past).

Why Mints?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your breath is acting up but you cannot avoid close contact with someone?

I am not trying to be naughty here at all (at least not yet 😉 ).

I really am referring to mundane everyday situations such as having to confer closely with a co-worker after a particularly spicy lunch, or having to talk to someone who’s seated very close to you (as in at a bar or the theater), when you haven’t had anything to eat in a while.

There are countless situations like these. I am sure you can easily come up with a couple yourself.

(And then yes, there are those situations when close-contact includes a lot more than talking 😉 ).

Whatever the case, until your breath is back in order, or until the close-contact situation has come to an end, if you are anything like me, you find yourself in your own little personal hell.

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Fisherman Friends / Fisherman's Friend Blackcurrant Sugar Free

Fisherman’s Friend Breath Mints

It is in anticipation of situations like these that I carry mints wherever I go.

When it comes to mints, though, all mints are not equal.

Many mints are simply sweet candy with mint flavoring that offer no real respite from bad breath woes.

When I need a mint that packs a punch, I often turn to a trusty mint called Fisherman’s Friend.

To be honest, Fisherman’s Friend is actually a lozenge and not a mint.

I’ve never used it to soothe an irritated throat or to suppress a cough though. I hear it is quite effective at that too!

Whenever I feel my breath needs a little freshening up, I simply suck on one (or even half a) Fisherman’s Friend, and I am sorted!

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My First Experience With Fisherman’s Friend (in a Fishermans Friend Tin)

I remember the first time I ever tasted a Fisherman’s Friend: 11th grade Chemistry class.

It was offered to me by a friend who gave me the mint with the admonition to be careful because it was strong!

I didn’t take her warning to heart and popped the mint into my mouth as I waited for class to begin.

WOW! It was strong! I ended up having to suck the mint in installments.

It took me almost a whole hour—or the entire class period—to get through the mint! 🙂

At that age, I didn’t think anything of it. I had little use for Fisherman’s Friend.

I couldn’t quite understand why anyone would choose to submit themselves to such torture.

As an adult, though, Fishermans Friend has become a staple of my daily life.

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Fisherman’s Friend Flavours

The lozenges come in several flavors, many of which are sugar free.

My favorites are the Super Strong Mint and the Sugar Free Mint flavors. After all, that’s how I use Fisherman Friends: as mints.

In Nairobi, I buy Fisherman’s Friend lozenges at Chandarana Supermarket at Yaya Centre (where the price is 275 Ksh for a packet of 20 lozenges, if I remember correctly) or at Nakumatt.

In Dar es Salaam, I’ve found Fisherman’s Friend at Shrijee’s Supermarket, Shoppers Supermarket, and The Village Supermarket.

As you can tell from the price, Fisherman Friends lozenges are relatively expensive in comparison to other mints.

I rationalize spending this little extra because I know how much further these 20 mints will take me compared to 20 mints of a cheaper brand.

One Fisherman Friends, as I said earlier, really packs a punch!

So…if you’ve been looking for a heavy-duty mint that will take care of your bad breath woes once and for all, when you need it, then Fisherman’s Friend might just be what you are looking for.

Try it out sometime and let me know what you think.

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I wish you pleasant breath—all the time!

Until the next time,

Photo Credits:,, Fisherman’s Friend UK on Twitter

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