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Habesha, Nairobi (Downtown Branch)

I am not sure whether or not I said this in my last Habesha post: I LOVE ETHIOPIAN FOOD!

Until very recently, whenever I would have an Ethiopian food craving in Nairobi, I would consider going to one of three restaurants.

These were Pink Lady at Metropolitan Court in Hurlingham, Red Sea on Lenana Road, and Habesha on Argwings Kodhek.

Earlier this year, while talking to friends who share my passion for Ethiopian food, I discovered that there was yet another Ethiopian restaurant worth going to, located in the most convenient of places: downtown Nairobi! (I’ve also recently discovered another one in Westlands, but that’s for another post!)

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Ethiopian Food in the City Centre

Located in Utalii house, near Mwenda’s and Alliance Française, this Ethiopian restaurant is the second branch of another popular Ethiopian restaurant, Habesha in Hurlingham, and is called, quite simply, Habesha II.

The menu there is exactly the same as that at Habesha in Hurlingham. That is where the similarities between the two restaurants end, though.

To begin with, let’s start with location and ambiance.

Habesha (I) is a fully-fledged restaurant with a lot of outdoor garden space. Habesha II, on the other hand, lies in a small space near a major highway.

Truth be told, it is a little dingy.

Still, because of the great food they serve, Habesha II is a place that is worth knowing about.

I’ve been there myself about 5 times since I first found out about it!

If ever you find yourself needing to have a meal downtown, yet are in the mood for something exotic and tasty, Ethiopian food at Habesha II will do the trick.

The prices are great. Also, as always, the socializing that takes place over a shared meal of Ethiopian delicacies is priceless.

Although I know of a friend who loves Ethiopian food so much that she sometimes goes to Habesha II alone, I recommend that you drag along at least one friend or colleague.

Now you know!


Photo Credit: Amel Ghouila

6 thoughts on “Habesha, Nairobi (Downtown Branch)”

I seriously can’t wait to come home and try out alot of the places you talk about. Habesha and Red Sea are high on my places to see and eat : ) Thanks once again and take care.

p.s: thanks for the white wine tip there is nothing, well almost nothing, as great as a great and perfectly chilled white wine.

I also recommend you try out Mai Loan in Lavington, for Vietnamese fusion food and Orchid at abc Westlands. Enjoy! : )

Hi Nyambura,

I am glad you can get excited about the places that I talk about at ChickAboutTown. I see, we share a common passion. Thanks for telling me about Mai Loan, I have never been. Where exactly is it located?

You mention coming back home. From where?


P.S. I have walked into Orchid but never eaten there. It looks exquisite though. Trust that I will write a review about it as soon as I’ve been. 🙂



Apologies for getting back to you so late. Mai Loan is located in Lavington, past Valley Arcade, near the Alimentra (i think) the Italian supermarket.

Sadly i came back to the UK not having been to Habesha! With the chaos that was going on i decided to keep to my end of town rather than drive all that way. A friend recommneds Dass in Westlands for Ethiopian food.

I hope that you are well and your new year is treating you well. Enjoy your culinary discoveries!

p/s: I read a review of a new Brazilian restaurant at Viking House, Westlands, i hope when you check it out it lives up to the praise it received!

Hi Nyambura,

A Brazilian restaurant in Westlands? That sounds exciting. I wonder if they are affiliated to Pampas at the Panari Sky Centre.

I left Nairobi in November (before all the chaos began – thank God!)but will definitely check it out the next time I am there.

Dass is an amazing place for Ethiopian. A little pricier, – a mixed dish goes for 500 KSh – it serves smaller portions and has a much more elegant ambiance. It’s definitely the most upscale of Ethiopian restaurants that I know of in Nairobi. You should definitely check it out when you get a chance.

Keep watching this space. I’ll post a review of it soon.

Other than that, I am doing well and the new year is quite exciting. I hope that you and yours are well, and that continued peace and prosperity will return to our beloved Kenya soon.:-)


I’m planning on going there for dinner tomorrow. I have been to the one in Hurlingham a few times, and I’m hoping for more of the same tomorrow.

I love your reviews, keep them coming!

Hi Martin,

Welcome to the ChickAboutTown community. I am glad that you like my reviews. Please come back often (I will try to update this site more often) and let us know about your own great finds.

Once you’ve been to Habesha II, please let me know what you think.


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