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Dar es Salaam nightlife: some of the best night clubs in Dar es Salaam are found in downtown Dar
Dar es Salaam City Center by Night

Dar es Salaam is a fun city with lots of things to do at night. If you are interested in finding out more about clubs in Dar es Salaam, you are in the right place. Let’s get right to it!

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Dar es Salaam Nightlife: Best Night Clubs in Dar es Salaam/Night Clubs Near Me/Best Clubs in Dar es Salaam (Including Night Clubs in Masaki)

If you are looking to have fun in Dar es Salaam and are wondering about the best night clubs in the city, here are a few for you to check out:

    • Havoc, Renaissance Plaza, Masaki (one of the most luxurious clubs in Dar es Salaam)
    • Maison Nightclub, Sea Cliff Village (one of the newest clubs in Dar es Salaam)
    • Elements (one of the most popular clubs in Dar es Salaam)
    • High Spirit Lounge, Downtown
    • East 24 Bar & Grill, Heineken House, Mikocheni
    • Triniti

Note: Some of these places are not pure nightclubs but rather bars that act as nightclubs, i.e., great music, a crowd, lots of dancing, and staying open until the wee hours of the morning.

To see an even greater selection than this, click here.

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Simba Grill Upanga

Simba Grill in Upanga is a family restaurant located at 69 Aly Khan Road, not far from the Goethe-Institut. It serves particularly delicious grilled fare.

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Dar es Salaam Clubs and Teams

Want to know more about professional soccer clubs in Dar es Salaam? If so, here are a few:

    • Young Africans Sports Club (Yanga) – Premier League
    • Simba Sports Club (Simba) – Premier League
    • Pan African Football SC – Premier League
    • Azam Football Club – Premier League
    • Cosmopolitans Football Club – Second Division League

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Bingo at Upanga Club (Bingo Near Me)

Upanga Club
Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Of all the things you might expect to do in Dar es Salaam, I’m pretty sure you don’t have playing bingo on your list.

What would you say then if I told you that there is a super-fun bingo night every Friday at a very unexpected place?

That’s what I’d like to tell you about today.

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I first heard of this bingo night while working as a community coordinator at one of Dar es Salaam’s diplomatic missions.

As community coordinator, I organized activities that would enable newly arrived diplomats to discover the city. These activities would also give them a chance to rub shoulders with local communities.

When several people told me that “Indian” bingo at Upanga Club was a lot of fun, a light bulb went off: this could be just the kind of activity my colleagues would like.

I decided to check it out.

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clubs in Dar es Salaam: Bingo Night, Upanga Club

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The First Time at Upanga Sports Club, Upanga Dar es Salaam

I arrived at Upanga Club alone (because I couldn’t convince any of my friends to spend a weekend night playing bingo) at around 8 p.m. on a Friday night. In case you don’t know, you can also play Bingo online on the Betway website.

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My preliminary research had told me that this would be the time around which the event would begin.

Because the club is members only, catering to a select community, I was a bit apprehensive at how I’d be received.

Feigning confidence, I walked up to the door of the club. There I found a man seated behind a small table. I told him that I was there for bingo.

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I think the man saw right through my facade. In an unusually warm and welcoming manner, he explained the entrance requirements for the night. He also went on to tell me more about how the evening would unfold.

Location of Upanga Club Dar es Salaam
Location of Upanga Club

Most importantly, he told me that the entrance charge was 2,000 Tanzanian shilings for an initial bingo card (cards for subsequent rounds would be sold before each round began with the price increasing as the night proceeded) and that the game would begin at 9:30 p.m.

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In the meantime, he continued in his friendly manner, I could go in and have food and drinks while I waited for the game to start.

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1932 Indian Cricket Team

The warm reception made me feel much better and a lot more comfortable.

Following his guidance, I headed to the bingo area.

In the foyer, since I had a lot of time to kill, I scanned the notices and the cricket pictures on the wall to get a better sense of what Upanga Club was all about.

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Photo Credits: Timbuktu, monsieurpolk.wordpress.com, zarana.co.uk, AFRICABZ.com


  1. Thanks so much for this post! I’ve been wanting to learn more about bingo night at Upanga Club and you’ve given a great description of it. 🙂

    1. Hi Kate,

      Welcome to ChickAboutTown & thanks for letting me know you liked this post! Did you ever make it out to Bingo night yourself? If so, I’d love to know what you thought of it.


  2. Hi- this is great 🙂 i am organising a social for my team – is it definitely every Friday? Do you need to book?

    I have attempted to contact them but no response!

    Thanks in advance – oh and how was the food?

    1. Hello Volunteer,

      Welcome to Chick About Town.

      I can’t say for sure that it is every Friday because I haven’t been in a while. That is how it used to be though.

      I’ve never had to book, even with large parties. There is a lot of space…just get there early.

      Have you been trying to reach them today? Perhaps they are unavailable because of the public holiday. Try again tomorrow, otherwise perhaps it might be wise to go there in person and check before Friday.

      About the food, it is amazing! It’s some of the best Indian food I have had in Tanzania and very inexpensive.

      I hope you are able to have your social there as planned. Let me know what your experience was like after the fact.

      Good luck!


  3. I am looking for an individual to curate a bingo event for me. Who can I contact?

    And additional, where can I buy a small bingo set for my family?

    1. Hello Yas,

      Welcome to Chick About Town! Are you in Dar es Salaam? Or perhaps, I should ask more generally…where are you located?


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