Baby Shower Venues in Nairobi & Other Shower Musings

If you came to this post looking for cheap baby shower venues in Nairobi, then you are in the right place. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Affordable Baby Shower Venues in Nairobi

  • A restaurant on a day or time when it is not busy. The restaurant will appreciate the business, i.e.,the food and drinks you buy, and might not charge anything for the venue. You can easily choose a restaurant that serves food and drinks within your budget so that the costs stay low. (Maxland Grill & Lounge on Waiyaki Way is a restaurant that is particularly open to hosting baby showers.)
  • If you or any of the friends and family of the expecting mother live in a compound or apartment complex with a club house or common room/area, consider what it would take to hold the baby shower there.
  • If any of the expecting mother’s friends or family has a large enough home, consider asking them to use their house as a venue. You can do your utmost to ensure that no other hosting duties fall upon them.
  • Nowadays, many residential properties rent out rooms on services such as TripAdvisor, AirBnB, and Consider contacting these properties to rent their common area(s) for a few hours. This is something I know establishments like Lake Breeze House in Kampala do.

Not-So-Cheap Baby Shower Venues in Nairobi

If keeping the budget low is not your primary concern as you plan a baby shower, then also consider…

    • a hotel room. A hotel room is very cosy, especially if you are inviting close friends and family. You can get as large and as nice a room as your budget permits. You’ll definitely have privacy! Furthermore, the hotel can provide you with decorations, food, and drinks, radically reducing the amount of work for you to do. Browse a list of Nairobi hotels for every budget here.
    • a microbrewery. This may not be a natural first thought when planning a baby shower because baby showers are usually alcohol-free events. Still, consider this: 1) microbreweries usually have very chic, modern decor; 2) they typically have areas for people to gather and meet; 3) they normally serve food; and 4) they already have tables and chairs so all you’ll have to bring are decorations.

Baby Shower Venues Along Thika Road

Keeping with the idea of renting a hotel room as a venue for a baby shower, if you are looking specifically for hotels along Thika Road, here are two hotels that you might consider:

To see more hotels along or near Thika Road, click here.

Do You Have Any Other Ideas for Baby Shower Venues in Nairobi?

If so, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Hi…so did you miss me these past three weeks?

Please excuse the silence. I was busy with a flurry of activity related to a cousin’s wedding.

You know how weddings can be…but how so exciting!

This wedding was particularly exciting for me because it was the first truly Tanzanian wedding I was attending in 18 years.

On top of being a great opportunity to catch up with the Tanzanian side of my family, I was looking forward to this wedding because I knew it would offer me a chance to attend some typically Tanzanian wedding functions for the first time.

Of particular interest to me was attending a Tanzanian bridal shower, commonly known as a kitchen party.

If you’ve never heard of Tanzanian kitchen parties, basically, at these events a bride-to-be’s close female friends and relatives get together to “provide her with all the necessary qualities and material things she needs to be a proper wife to the man she is marrying“.

On top of the gifts she receives, mostly household items (and of course kangas), the women present offer the bride advice on how to have a happy marriage based on their own marital experiences.

Sounds harmless enough, right?

Yes, except that I’d heard that kitchen parties, despite being an all-female affair, could turn extremely wild and racy.

This, I wanted to see for myself!

My First Tanzanian Kitchen Party

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), my cousin’s kitchen party did not degenerate into any such thing.

Still, it was very interesting to hear what advice the older, married women had to give on creating happy unions.

MC at Kitchen Party also Cheap baby shower venues in Nairobi

One woman spoke about being free with praise for one’s husband.

She advised the bride to be open with her husband. For instance, she suggested the bride-to-be tell her husband what it was about him that had won her over during their courtship.

That and to be generous with compliments. She encouraged the bride-to-be to do this a lot!

The woman suggested that were the bride-to-be ever to feel shy, then she could resort to tools such as SMS to, for instance, tell her husband how well he had made love to her the previous night. 🙂

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Another woman urged the bride-to-be to be hard-working in her new marital home. The woman advised the bride-to-be to actively participate in providing financially for her family.

According to this woman, should the bride choose to be a stay-at-home Mom, then she could opt for income-generating activities that could be carried out at home, such as selling jams or rearing poultry, instead of looking to her husband to be the sole financial provider for their family.

Peach jams and peaches

Overall, it was quite a fun and interesting female bonding experience. It was also very different from the only other bridal shower I had been to at the time.

A Bridal Shower in Nairobi

The first bridal shower I ever attended differed from this kitchen party in many ways.

For starters, the age group of the guests was a lot more limited.

Attended only by the bride’s peers, the theme for this bridal shower was not the kitchen but the bedroom.

The Bridal Shower Gifts

The gifts at this first bridal shower consisted mostly of lingerie, bath products, and candles, while the conversation was geared more towards the attendees getting to know each other and celebrating the highlights of the couple’s relationship to date, instead of offering advice for the future.

Baby shower venues Nairobi: Gifts

It was a wonderful experience and quite possibly the best female bonding session I have had—EVER!

Although I knew only two other women at the bridal shower when I first got there (and that’s counting the bride), I left the shower feeling that I had shared intimately with every woman present.

Well, how could I not when even the introductions delved deep into the essence of each of our lives?

These introductions were not the usual ones preceded by a person’s name and occupation.

Instead, each woman was asked to introduce herself by sharing the following information in the precise order listed: her most embarrassing moment ever, when she had been deflowered, her favorite food, her favorite color, her name (finally!), her occupation, and lastly, the happiest moment of her life.

As each woman told us about herself, the rest of the group interjected with questions and comments, many that led to conversations about topics universal to the feminine experience.

baby shower venues Nairobi - women opening presents

What marked me most was the variety of experiences found in this small group of seemingly homogeneous women.

Now that I have shared a bit about my experiences at bridal showers, I would like to leave you with some information that you might find useful in your own life.

The next time you get an invitation to a bridal shower and have no clue what to get the bride, here are some gift ideas, both classic and contemporary, that would be just perfect for the occasion.

7 Classic Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

  1. Placemats
  2. Picture Frames
  3. A Crystal Vase
  4. Champagne Glasses
  5. A Stand Mixer
  6. A Robe
  7. Bed Sheets

A bed made up in red tones

7 Contemporary Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

  1. A Decanter
  2. A Light-Up Phone Case
  3. A Wall Clock
  4. Sexy Sleepwear
  5. An Ice Cream Maker
  6. Luggage

I hope these gift ideas come in handy one day. That said, that’s it from me.

I hope all is well in your respective corners of the world.

If there’s something you’d like to share about baby shower venues in Nairobi, bridal showers, and/or kitchen parties, then please leave a comment below.

As always, I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Until the next time,

Photo Credits: IRIN, Anita Valle, Tradition des Vosges

12 thoughts on “Baby Shower Venues in Nairobi & Other Shower Musings”

The truth is, I have never attended a bridal shower in my life. Those things are very intimate, and in my opinion for close friends, of course none of my close friends have gotten married or are even planning to. My only good friend who did, I wasn’t even present in Nairobi at the time, told me all she got were thongs and lingerie, which she doesn’t even use.

The Knot has some really good tips, trust Mama to already have it book marked on my comp together with other wedding sites! The other link you provided on saucy ideas doesn’t seem to be working.

Hi Mama,

Thanks for letting me know about the faulty link – it has now been rectified.

So I am not alone in having been to few/no bridal showers? I think it’s definitely a sign of the times. 😉

I cannot imagine why brides would complain about having too many thongs or lingerie. Who can have enough of those???!!!!:-) A cousin of mine complains about that too – that all she got at her bridal shower were thongs and lingerie! Tsk, tsk.

Now that the link has been fixed, check out the article for ideas that are saucy but go beyond underwear. Yes, The Knot is simply great!

I hope all is well with you.


Nice article. Enjoyed going through it. Also like the title of the blog “Ramblings about Bridal Showers”

Been to a couple and am planning two in the next 2 months. From Sexpert, TZ Somo, videos to male strippers,personal confessions alot does go on. It is interesting how women open up easily especially after a couple of pints.

Hi Gish,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

It’s true what you say – it’s amazing what a couple of pints can do for openness! 🙂

So what great plans do you have for these two showers you are planning?


For me, bridal showers are as diverse as the people who have them. There are those women who want the sex auntie to advise them about how to keep it spicy in the bedroom, and there are those who run away (very quickly) from the saucy side, preferring the chilled get-together. it’s more common for younger brides in their early twenties to want the “aunties”, but i’ve found that this is just to impress (or educate!) their girls. is it possible (in our “conservative” Nairobi) to have a mixture of the get-together with mothers, aunties and friends and the sharing of the sex advice?

Hi Miss Taks,

Welcome to ChickAboutTown!

True dat, bridal showers come in all varieties. Which kind would you wish to have? (Tell us, so we know early! ;-))

I am not so sure about the mix being able to happen. It would be a great thing if it could but very often I find the generations too squeamish around each other to discuss their relationships with the opposite gender openly, sexual or otherwise….which is a shame if you ask me. What great advice we would receive if our mothers spoke to us truthfully about their experiences with men. How many blunders we could avoid if only we allowed older, more experienced women to guide us through the minefield that are relationships. Well, we can only change this one individual at a time, right? First, when we are the young women in need of advice, then later when we are the experienced mamas with great advice to give, not so?

Thanks for you comment!


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