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Lost your Nakumatt Smartcard?

I first signed up for Nakumatt’s customer reward scheme in 2003, when it first came out. I was making a big purchase at Nakumatt Mega, when the cashier asked me whether or not I had a Nakumatt Smartcard. Having no clue as to what he was talking about, he told me that a Nakumatt Smartcard was a card that allowed customers to accumulate points with every purchase made at Nakumatt. These points would then one day be redeemable for awards – sort of the way it’s done in a frequent flyer’s program. At the time, I was not much of … Continue reading Lost your Nakumatt Smartcard?

Nakumatt Ukay Complex: Sherlock’s Den & Books First

Some time in late June, I went to the Nakumatt Ukay shopping complex to use the Books First cyber café as I normally do. I hadn’t been there in a while. I found that a lot had changed and that major renovations were under way. Focused on what I was going to do at the Internet café, I did not at first pay much attention to the changes. Instead, I pranced quickly up the stairs to get to my favorite workstation. All seemed normal enough until I realized that my preferred workstation was…gone!

Nails: Are All Pedicures Equal?

Sorry gents, this one might be of interest only to the ladies (though I am aware that nowadays some men also take good care of their feet and nails with pedicures and the like)! Yesterday, I went for a pedicure at my regular ‘local’ beauty salon and truth be told, I left less than pleased despite my nails having been saved from the raggedy state they’d been in. This brought to mind a pedicure that I had had a little while ago that had me thinking: are all pedicures equal? The pedicure in question—the good one—happened at L’Africaine Hair Designs … Continue reading Nails: Are All Pedicures Equal?