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Pasqua Pinot Nero delle Venezie

In Tips for Selecting a Good White Wine, I spoke about the bad luck I’ve been having with selecting wine. In the recent past, I seem to always choose wines that I do not enjoy once I begin to drink them. My luck turned a couple of months ago, if only for a night, when I discovered a well-priced, red wine that I quite enjoyed, Pasqua Pinot Nero delle Venezie. It all started on an evening when I had invited a friend over for dinner. As I was buying groceries to make our evening meal, I decided to pick up … Continue reading Pasqua Pinot Nero delle Venezie

Fresh ‘n’ Juici

While I was shopping recently, I noticed something new at Nakumatt Prestige. In a corner near the fresh foods area and the butchery, I saw a stall advertising ‘Fresh ‘n’ Juici’ juices. More out of curiosity than anything else, I stopped by to taste some of the juice samples offered. I tasted mango juice, passion juice, pineapple juice, tree tomato juice, and a number of juice cocktails. Each juice I tasted was fantastic. The juices were truly fresh as though they were made from only the sweetest, ripest fruit! The choice of juices was wide and the cocktails served were … Continue reading Fresh ‘n’ Juici