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Fresh Juices at Nakumatt: Fresh ‘n’ Juici

While I was shopping recently, I noticed something new at Nakumatt Prestige. In a corner near the fresh foods area and the butchery, I saw a stall advertising ‘Fresh ‘n’ Juici’ juices. More out of curiosity than anything else, I stopped by to taste some of the juice samples offered. I tasted mango juice, passion juice, pineapple juice, tree tomato juice, and a number of juice cocktails. Each juice I tasted was fantastic. The juices were truly fresh as though they were made from only the sweetest, ripest fruit! The choice of juices was wide and the cocktails served were … Continue reading Fresh Juices at Nakumatt: Fresh ‘n’ Juici

Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi: A Great Hotel Outside Downtown Nairobi

Silver Springs Hotel P.O. Box 61362 – 00200 Nairobi Tel: +254-(0)20-2722451-7 Fax: +254-(0)20-2720545 Email: Are you a Nairobian, i.e., someone who lives in Nairobi? If so, how often do you pass Silver Springs Hotel without giving it a second thought? Do you even know where Silver Springs Hotel is located? To make sure we are talking about the same place, the Silver Springs Hotel is located off the roundabout where Vally Road meets Argwings Kodhek. The main entrance of the hotel is located on the road leading to Nairobi Hospital, immediately on your left after coming out of the … Continue reading Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi: A Great Hotel Outside Downtown Nairobi

Village Market Cinema: Have You Noticed How Expensive Movies Have Become?

You would have to be blind to live in Nairobi (please excuse my political incorrectness) and not notice the rising phenomenon that is Nu Metro, both the cinemas and mediastores. I say phenomenon because from having five cinemas to go to in Nairobi, that number has now doubled, with Nu Metro playing a big role in that development. Usually located at big shopping complexes, Nu Metro has brought theaters to areas that are convenient to moviegoers, i.e., places where they normally go to shop and partake in other forms of recreation. (Speaking of recreation, you might also enjoy The Top 5 Wine … Continue reading Village Market Cinema: Have You Noticed How Expensive Movies Have Become?

Panari: More than Just Close to Nairobi Airport

A few weekends ago found me at Club Liquid, a nightclub at the Panari Sky Center. A friend of mine was invited to an exclusive party there and invited some of her female friends to tag along. Since it was a club that none of us had been to but had heard great things about, we decided to make a girls’ night of it and go all out. We dressed the part, met up at said friend’s house, and headed out all together to have a great night of fun at Panari. Club Liquid @ Panari Club Liquid was not … Continue reading Panari: More than Just Close to Nairobi Airport

Nails: Are All Pedicures Equal?

Sorry gents, this one might be of interest only to the ladies (though I am aware that nowadays some men also take good care of their feet and nails with pedicures and the like)! Yesterday, I went for a pedicure at my regular ‘local’ beauty salon and truth be told, I left less than pleased despite my nails having been saved from the raggedy state they’d been in. This brought to mind a pedicure that I had had a little while ago that had me thinking: are all pedicures equal? The pedicure in question—the good one—happened at L’Africaine Hair Designs … Continue reading Nails: Are All Pedicures Equal?

The Outback

A while back, I woke up to find a piece of paper under my front door. At first, I thought it was my electricity bill, but then quickly realized that it was a flyer from a snack bar called The Outback. On first impression (understand: from reading its name), I thought The Outback was some sort of American-style steakhouse. As far as first impressions go, that’s not a good one for me. I dislike imported, unadapted, copied concepts (can you tell that I fell strongly about this?:-)). On the front of the flier was a picture of a kangaroo, fork … Continue reading The Outback