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Merica Hotel, Nakuru

Merica Hotel Kenyatta Ave, Nakuru (Kenya) Tel: +254 (0)51 221-4232 Email: Merica Group owns three hotels: in Nakuru, at Crater Lake, and in Athi River/Kitengela.  Three months ago, my parents were traveling from Dar es Salaam to Kampala and stopped to visit me in Nairobi, for a couple of days. On the following Sunday, they set off to continue on the rest of their journey, WITH me in tow. Not one to be left behind, I decided that I would accompany them halfway until Kisumu. My parents are cool travelers, you see. They never let travel ruffle their feathers, nor accept … Continue reading Merica Hotel, Nakuru

Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi

Silver Springs Hotel (Nairobi) rating: 8.1/10 – “Very Good”Check the price or book your stay at Silver Springs Hotel here! Are you a Nairobian, i.e., someone who lives in Nairobi? If so, how often do you pass Silver Springs Hotel without giving it a second thought? Do you even know where Silver Springs Hotel is located? To make sure we are talking about the same place, the Silver Springs Hotel (Nairobi) is located off the roundabout where Valley Road meets Argwings Kodhek. The main entrance of the hotel is located on the road leading to Nairobi Hospital, immediately on your left after … Continue reading Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi