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Friday is Here Again!

Guess what, readers? Finally, Furahi-day has rolled around again! In case you don’t know, Furahi means “be happy” in Swahili. Doesn’t the thought of Friday simply fill you with happiness? Believe it or not, the weekend is here again. What are you going to do to celebrate its advent? READ ALSO: Uber, the Holiday Season, and Dynamic Pricing. What I Like to Do on Fridays Today, I am planning to meet up with a childhood friend who tells me that there is a club night at Club Malaika in Dar es Salaam. I have no idea where that is, but I … Continue reading Friday is Here Again!

Welcome to

Hi! Welcome to I am not yet sure what this blog will become, but I guess if it’s ever going to happen, I need to just get started. 🙂 Let me start by introducing myself. For the purpose of this blog, please feel free to call me Biche. That’s not pronounced b**ch, but rather \bish\. I have a passion for all things good. I love to go out. I love to travel. I love anything that truly stands out above the crowd. would like to be your guide to the good things in life.