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Paulo Coelho

Today, let’s talk about books and reading! I love to read. When I am in not-so-good a mood (like today), I often resolve my stress by treating myself to a brand new book. Although I love learning new things and being carried away by a well-written story, I also love the sensory pleasures that come with reading a brand new book. I love the glossy covers and selecting a book from an array of interestingly crafted titles. I love the smell of the pages of a never-before-read book. I think I might just treat myself to the pleasure of a … Continue reading Paulo Coelho

Rough Guides: Kenya, Tanzania, and Beyond

Hi, everyone. How are you today? I hope all is well in your respective corners of the world. For me, all is good, though I need to rave about a book, or should I say a series of books, that never fails to come in handy especially when I’m traveling. Allow me to start at the beginning. Planning a Budget Trip to Kenya’s Coast Three years ago, I wanted to take my then-boyfriend traveling for his birthday. He was turning 27 and, believe it or not, had never seen the ocean. He was Ugandan, born and raised, and had never been … Continue reading Rough Guides: Kenya, Tanzania, and Beyond